Review: Super Pokemon Rumble (3DS)

Get Ready To Rumble
Everyone thinks that Pokemon spin-offs are boring when lots of spin-offs are released all the time but this is amazing. This game is probably one off the best spin-offs since Snap.

The game starts when your Mii enters a toy shop selling just Pokemon toys. Your Mii goes to play and this is when the fun starts.  Your Mii winds up a Pikachu toy and away you go, to explore ToyLand. 'This is a story about a Pokemon world you do not know' boasts the subtitles at the beginning, which is a start to some off the best narrative in Pokemon. 

Baby Park
Your Pikachu is flung into a weird world called ToyLand. Your first area is a place called Beginners Park. It is a good place to start off, as well as a stray Victini that you always befriend ( no catching here ). But after some gentle brawling the boss appears and it is the monstrous;

This battle is relatively easy, but just as you get him down to half health the Deep Black Pokemon breaks the glass tower that you are standing on and you start falling to your doom, while the dragon goes and flies off, the scamp!! 

Land Ahoy!
You fall down the huge, huge tower and land in a friendly place called Toy Town. Here a Lillipup becomes your friend and you head off to challenge the super-hard Battle Royale. But as you complete it Lillipup calls you and you find that the Fountain Glowdrops have been stolen, and you don't know who the culprit is! So you set off for your giant quest to get them back.

This game is one of the best Pokemon games there is, with humour and lots of seriousness. You'll be very, very surprised. 4.5/5

Thanks alot to Thomas Heath for his review, Thomas is a Nintendo Fans Online reader and regular contributor. If you'd like to review your favourite game and have it published on the site then just post it in the Views and Opinion forum.

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