Review: Ace Mathician (DSiWare)

Whilst it may look like an Edutainment game, Ace Mathician really isn't! The main reason for that is because Ace Mathician is fun. It fuses maths and classic platforming together to make a somewhat enjoyable but educational if you wish, piece of software.

At it's simplest, Ace Mathician is a platforming game with puzzle elements. But there is a difference here, you will need to use Math to manipulate the level's environment. Initially, the prospect of Math in a Video Game sounds dull and boring. But it's not like that in Ace Mathician, because this game makes Math fun!

You control Ace, a small koala type animal. You use the D-Pad to navigate Ace to the fruit located somewhere in that particular level. To access the fruit, you are going to need to use a series of numbers and symbols to create a formula that will move the platforms and allow access to the fruit.

On the whole, this concept really works. There is many different possbile formulas that you can use to manipulate the level and if you are struggling; you can just use your platforming skills to frantically dash across the level, like you would in a Mario game.

As the developer explained to us in a recent interview, the pixel graphic style is clearly inspired by retro games from the 80s and 90s. This style is also very fitted to the mathematical theme of the game.

There's plenty of levels in Ace Mathician with bonus levels added as an extra unlock-able, so gameplay isn't anything to worry about. With 6 zones in total and 5 levels in each of them, plus the bonus levels, there really is alot in this package for the mere price of £1.80.

Chirpy music accompanies the game, fitting the scene extremely well. There isn't really much to say about the soundtrack, other than it's quite friendly!

Ace Mathician lacks any form of Multiplayer, whilst in a platform game like this, Multiplayer isn't really necessary, it would have been really nice to have a form of download of local multiplayer.

Our only real concern is the presentation, whilst it's mainly fine, there is small places where it lacks that professional feel. For example, fonts in the menu screen feel slightly cheep, but that isn't really anything to be concerned about and the most of the game is of a high presentation standard.

In conclusion, Ace Mathician is a cheap and fun little title that should keep you entertained for a good while. There are a few presentation issues but that really shouldn't put you off. Ace Mathician is accessible to everybody and we really recommend that you at least give it a try.

7/10 - A nice little puzzling platformer that is as cheap as chips.

Review copy provided by Goodbye Galaxy Games

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