Review: Colors! 3D (3DS eShop)

Art Academy was the killer app of the Nintendo DSi, Colors! 3D is set to do the same for the Nintendo 3DS. Although, there's no hand-holding mind, not that we mind...

Painting in 3D sounds quite daunting, doesn't it? Well, it did initially to us! But, Colors! 3D actually makes that pretty easy. It divides the painting into a few layers and allows you to paint a different image on each layer. Colors! 3D then overlaps the layers to make an awesome 3D image and it looks great.

Unlike Nintendo's Art Academy, there's no guides or tutorials here. No hand holding, just simple painting but the easy interface makes that simple for first time painters. So don't worry if you're not too artistic!

Colors is the title of the game and there sure is more than a few of them. You are able to paint in any colour under the visible spectrum. We're not best at science mind, so don't hold us to it. But the point we're getting at is; Colors! 3D has a more than impressive range of colours and we have really enjoyed painting with them.

There's also a nice range of tools available in Colors! 3D, not too many to daunt you but enough to create some pretty impressive pieces of artwork. There's also options to change brush sizes and transparency.

Aside from all the tools that you need to create brilliant artwork, non of which has been made by us, there is also loads of features to share your paintings online and paint with friends...

One of the main functions of Colors! 3D is the ability to upload your artwork to an online gallery. Personally, we're too ashamed to upload our work but their is some absolutely awesome stuff on there. From Nintendo homages to abstract 3D art, it's really worth picking this title up just to have a look through the gallery.

Another awesome feature is the ability to paint with your friends, although our only complaint is the lack of online functionality as you can only play via local download. Still, painting with your mates is even more fun!

As far as the interface of Colors! 3D is concerned, this application really does have a nice and intuitive interface. It's simple to navigate whilst easy on the eye. We absolutely love it!

In conclusion, what Collecting Smiles have achieved with Colors! 3D is absolutely phenomenal. This is one of the best art applications we have ever seen and it even gave the likes of us the ability to paint. We recommend that you leave now and download this application because it is truly amazing as far as art applications go.

9/10 - Pick up this drawing application immediately!

Review copy provided by Collecting Smiles

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