Feature: Is The End Near For Tetris?

Tetris was a little known Russian puzzle game, picked up by the big N and transformed into the most popular action puzzle game of all time. But as the series begins to loose it's attraction, join us as we explore the future of this once triumphant series.

Back in 1989, Nintendo needed an innovative new title to show off their new hardware, the Gameboy. They needed a sort of snazzy tech demo that would come bundled with every new console. So they looked the way of Alexey Pajitnov of the Soviet Union and his tile matching puzzle game.

From here on in, the Tetris series received mind-blowing success and made Nintendo's new handheld an absolute sell-out classic. Name any console in video games history and there is bound to have been a Tetris game released onto it. That alone, states the popularity of the Tetris franchise.

But the problem comes, when the most iconic games in the series' history were the earlier titles. The most popular Tetris games were born in the NES and Gameboy era. Whilst the newer games are just as good, they haven't exactly been extremely popular.

Whilst the block slotting game may still appeal to classic gamers, the game doesn't appear to attract the modern smartphone audience. The likes of Angry Birds appeal to rushing commuters and the days of pulling your GameBoy out on the bus, are more than long gone.

Today, new Tetris games arrive every so often. They are received in a satisfactory manner by the critics and no-body really bothers to buy 'another Tetris game'. This deeply saddens veterans of the series.

We struggle to see a way forward for the Tetris series. But maybe it's best not to think about the future, and just cherish the fun times that the Russian puzzle game has given us. We say, drop your smartphones and play Tetris. Re-discover the legend and re-discover the Russian love.

Tetris came 'From Russia with love', but is Tetris about to leave, neglected and alone?

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Two years ago, Josh set out on his very own Legend of Zelda, on a quest to take over the internet and spread his Nintendo filled knowledge. Ignorant to the outside world of Sony and Microsoft, Josh is the Editor of Nintendo Fans Online.

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