Review: La Mulana (WiiWare)

La Mulana has been of the most anticipated releases in WiiWare's history. And anticipation is the key word here because there's been an awful lot of it. But, three years after it was announced by Nigoro and over a year after it reached in Japan, La Mulana is finally crossing European shores...

Published by EnjoyUp Games, the 2005 PC retro style platform adventure has arrived on Nintendo's WiiWare. But will it receive any success, being released so close to the end of the console's life span?

The truth is, we could end this review right here. We could simply say, this game is brilliant, go out and buy it now. That wouldn't be a lie! Because La Mulana truly is brilliant! Anyone with a decent amount of knowledge about the Video Game's industry may easily be mistaken to think that this game could only have been produced by Nintendo themselves.

La Mulana is a huge adventure. It takes it's art style from the early era of Video Games and along with it, hints of gameplay style. You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was a reincarnation of an early NES or SNES game. And the difficulty level comes from that era aswell...

La Mulana is punishingly difficult. Although, you could easily argue that this is what adds to the wealth of gameplay available here. Whether you are an expert of the genre or if every corner provides a new challenge, you'll get an awful lot of time out of this game and you'll soon find that it will get alot of time out of you.

At times, you will seriously consider throwing your controller at the wall and giving up, but it's the gripping story that will really prevent this from happening. We don't want to give away any spoilers, but we can guarantee a new twist, turn or surprise is around every corner.

Look away from the screen, and La Mulana will still provide an absolute delight. The soundtrack is gorgeous, La Mulana pushes audio ability from the Wii that we didn't even know existed. Each of the soundtracks are wealthy in length, high quality and add to the overall beautiful experience.

La Mulana has a very large array of control options, in fact you can use just about every controller compatible with the Wii (excluding the Balance Board, that would just be silly). We really reccommend the Classic Controller Pro or the Gamecube Controller, as the Wii Remote can be a bit dodgy.

An extremely appetising feature of La Mulana in Japan was the ability to download extra DLC. Sadly, the DLC isn't available in Europe and North America. Meaning we loose out on some modes including Time Attack. But that isn't too much of a problem, considering how long the base game is.

In conclusion, despite it's punishing difficulty and lack of DLC, La Mulana is not only one of the best games on WiiWare, but one of the best games available on the Wii. Whether you were bought up in the era of pixel gaming or not, you are sure to enjoy this classic.

9/10 - An absolute credit to Japanese and Independent gaming.

Review copy provided by EnjoyUp Games

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