Sponsored Video: Pokemon Typing Adventure (DSi)

This article is sponsored by Nintendo. But all thoughts expressed here are of our own...

Even if you are not mildly interested in the Pokemon series, Learn with Pokemon Typing Adventure is worth picking up just for the awesome Bluetooth Keyboard that comes bundled with the game.

Neat peripheral aside, Pokemon Typing Adventure is an extremely interesting take on the Pokemon series. After the release of Pokemon Conquest, Nintendo have shown that they aren't afraid to stray from the the traditional formula of the Pokemon games. And this is furthered with the release of Pokemon Typing Adventure.

Furiously typing the names of Pokemon as they flash up on the screen may not be your typical Pokemon affair, but we really like it! You only have to watch the trailer to see that. Just hover your little cursor over the bar at the top of this page and enjoy the delights that Pokemon Typing Adventure has to offer.

Pokemon Typing Adventure separates the Pokemon masters from the average fools. Whilst allowing you to show off your epic Pokemon knowledge, Pokemon Typing Adventure teaches you to type like a master and prepares the young ones of today for the future of tomorrow (if that's your thing).

Pokemon Typing Adventure is a marvelous adventure that surprisingly consists of Pokemon and whole lot of Typing. We absolutely love Pokemon Typing Adventure and we recommend that you at least give the trailer a looking. Simply click the large banner at the top of this article.

Pokemon Typing Adventure reaches Europe and the UK on 21st September. If you want some more information about Pokemon Typing Adventure, visit the Pokemon website. Do check out the game's trailer at the top of this page and be sure to pick this title up...

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