Interview: Justin Sharp (Pure Nintendo Magazine)

Pure Nintendo are currently in the process of producing a brand new print Magazine. We caught up with Justin Sharp from Pure Nintendo to get more information about the new Magazine...

Nintendo Fans Online: Hi Pure Nintendo, as a Nintendo fan site, could you briefly introduce yourselves?

Pure Nintendo: Pure Nintendo started before the launch of the Wii in 2006 to provide Nintendo fans with all the latest news in one place. Since then we've widened our goal to provide Nintendo news in a number of different formats where we can have fully up-to-date online news, and also feature exclusive Nintendo articles, art, and screens in high resolution in our magazine.

NFO: Pure Nintendo Magazine has already been publishing in digital form for some time. Could you tell our readers a little more about the magazine's history?

PN: I actually had the idea for a magazine last year after E3 2011.  I thought it would be a great way for people to get Nintendo news that didn't check our website every day.  My older brothers, for instance, used to play Nintendo games a lot when they were younger but now they only ever keep up with Nintendo news when I tell them about a new game/system.

Also, as media, we get access to a plethora of high-resolution character/environment/box art that doesn't really work well for posting on a website.  You could tell publishers would include this art for the print media and I always felt it would be great to show some of that off, especially Nintendo game (1st/2nd party) art.

Our first issue was in Oct. 2011, and it was initially going to be a monthly publication.  We did 4 issues in digital only, and Issue 5 (April 2012) was our first to be available in print.

NFO: Why did you decide that it was time to publish the magazine in print form? Did you feel that there was a gap in the market, after the loss of Nintendo Gamer?

PN: Well, as I mentioned above, we had released Issue 5 in print well before the announcement of Nintendo Power and Nintendo Gamer closing down.  It was always the plan to test the waters with the first few issues of the magazine, provide them for free on our website, and then eventually develop a print version that we could setup subscriptions for in the future.

We were all really bummed about Nintendo Power and then Nintendo Gamer closing down but we felt it was a great opportunity for a fan-run Nintendo magazine to be developed.  We brought more writers on board and made a plan to build the magazine and make it successful for Nintendo fans in the future.

Every new Nintendo fan should be able to have the experience of growing up with a Nintendo magazine and hopefully we can provide that going forward.

NFO: Kickstarter is a pretty interesting way of funding this project, where did you get that idea?

PN: Since we already had a way of producing print copies of our magazine, our next goal was to develop a way to provide an ongoing subscription.  The current production costs of the magazine are steep when ordering small amounts of issues but if we had a strong subscriber base; we could order in bulk and help make the $20/yr subscription feasible.  Kickstarter provides a great way to get the word out about creative projects, including magazines, so it was a natural fit for us.

NFO: Obviously Kickstarter funders will receive a copy of the magazine, do you intend to sell the magazine to people who missed the Kickstarter margin?

PN: Yes, absolutely!  As soon as our Kickstarter ends, we'll provide a way on to sign up for either a print subscription or a digital subscription.

NFO: What extras will readers of the magazine get, compared to reading articles straight from your online site?

PN: As of right now we've been doing exclusive content for the magazine and not posting those articles on our website.  Articles such as 'character profiles', 'video game art', previews, interviews, and reviews are all exclusively in the magazine.  There are a couple examples where we have done a review on our website and put it in the magazine, but the majority of articles will be exclusive to the magazine and those that aren't will have art/screenshots not featured on our website.

For example, one of our interviews for Issue 7 (coming out at the end of the Kickstarter) has 2 exclusive screens, uniquely issued to Pure Nintendo Magazine, for Trine 2 Director's Cut on the Wii U.  We are also planning a number of exclusives to the magazine in the future such as Retro console/game guides, video game designer interviews, and more.

NFO: How do you plan to involve your readers? Will you have competitions, reader questions etc?

PN: Reader interaction is definitely going to be a huge part of the magazine going forward.  Starting in our December issue, we'll take feedback from subscribers and feature them in a reader questions section and also have user art contests for some great Nintendo prizes.  We've already had some great feedback from our Kickstarter and plan on providing some unique articles and interviews where the fans can get involved with interviewing designers on their favorite games and more.

NFO: Can you see Pure Nintendo Magazine becoming a big thing and maybe even making it into retail one day?

PN: We're still focused on building our subscriber base and finishing the Kickstarter, but we are definitely planning on Pure Nintendo Magazine being at a retail shop near you!

NFO: Thanks alot for joining us Pure Nintendo. We'll look forward to seeing the magazine when it becomes available and we will be sure to speak to you again soon...

PN: No problem, we'll definitely talk soon!  Thanks so much!

Pure Nintendo Magazine will be shipping  it's first issue very soon. But there is still time left to secure your subscription of the magazine on Kickstarter.

Pure Nintendo are an affiliate site of Nintendo Fans Online - This interview was carried out by Josh Moorcroft-Jones (Nintendo Fans Online Editor).

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