Review: Liberation Maiden (3DS eShop)

Suda51 is known for some of the best games to come out of Japan. Including the likes of No More Heroes and Killer7, but maybe Liberation Maiden isn't quite as well known.

Liberation? Well that's about Liberating the people of new Japan. Maiden? Well, she must be the new female president of Japan. See, it all adds up!

You play as Shoko Ozora and you have been put in charge of the Japanese nation, after your father was assassinated. Come on, this girl just wants to be out with her mates, but she is running a country! A bit harsh if you ask us.

Liberation Maiden is an action shooter, which previously came as part of the Guild01 Compilation. But with a recent Nintendo Direct conference, the news came that all of the Guild01 titles will be released on the 3DS eShop outside of Japan.

Being a game from Suda51 and Level 5, you would expect this to be a pretty stunning affair and it sure doesn't disappoint. Liberation Maiden truly is a spectacular game, with an interesting story, beautiful graphics and cut-scenes that are actually good.

Liberation Maiden is truly action packed, there really isn't a dull moment in this game. You're always flying around, and there is always and enemy to shoot down. This is where you lose hours to the game

The story is also an enjoyable affair, the game really revolves around the story. Plus, there is cut-scenes that you will actually enjoy watching. Or you can skip them if you like.

Content is the small issue here, £7.19 is alot to pay for an eShop game and the small issue here is, that this game doesn't have an awful lot of content. The main story isn't that lengthy, but there is a stage attack mode that should keep you going for a while.

The graphics are beautiful, you will never get tired at gazing at these lush graphics in their 3D form. Liberation Maiden is a true visual treat and a credit to the artist.

We highly recommend playing Liberation Maiden on atleast Normal difficulty, because the game is stupidly easy on the easy difficult and won't provide any challenge for players.

In conclusion, whilst being a little on the short side, Liberation Maiden is an absolutely stunning game and you can't hide that fact. Liberation Maiden is an awesome example of Japanese Video Games and it's a must buy for any Suda 51 fan. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

8/10 - Short but incredibly sweet.

Review copy provided by Level 5/CosmoCover

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