Review: Pokemon Black and White 2 (DSi)

Pokemon was an insane hit of the 90s, some thought it was just a fad that would die out. But five generations of Pokemon games later, those doubters were proved well and truly wrong. This is Pokemon Black and White 2 and your time has come, to catch 'em all!

After the two main games of a generation are released, a third Pokemon game in that generation will be released a couple of years after the originals. This is something that we have seen consistently with Yellow, Crystal and more. But there is something different this time..

Rather than being a variation of the original, Pokemon Black and White 2 are direct sequels to the games released in early 2011. They add huge variation to the storyline and add many new gameplay elements, just as a next generation Pokemon title would.

For a start, the story is alot more enhanced. The story here is vastly improved from the original. An interesting feature, is the Memory Link, this allows you to link your original save with this one and adds some pretty unique bonuses to the game's story. But of course, it's optional.

Black and White 2 take place in the Unova region, just as with the original games. But this time, there are many more areas to explore. For example, areas inaccessible in the first game can now be traveled to and explored. Which is brilliant for the curious amongst us.

The menu and battle interface has been given a nice new look. It's just that bit more polished and easier on the eye. HP bars alone, look an awful lot nicer now.

PokeStar Studios in Virbank City is an interesting little feature that allows you to make your own Pokemon starring movie. This is certainly aimed at the younger ones, but we really enjoyed having a play around with it.

Pokemon Black and White 2 also offers loads more in terms of rewards. You'll meet a man at every Pokemon Centre, who will allow you to collect a selection of medals and achievements as you progress through the game. Plus, the game is now split into two difficulty modes, including Challenge and Easy modes which add that extra level to the game.

In conclusion, Pokemon Black and White 2 bring so much more to the Pokemon Franchise. Whilst feeling fresh and new, they remind us of all that was good about the original games and exactly why we love the Pokemon series so much. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

9/10 - The most complete Pokemon game to date.

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