News: It's Official - The Wii Mini is Coming

After much speculation regarding the newly designed Wii Mini, Nintendo have now officially announced that the console launches in Canada only on the 7th December.

Nintendo have launched a brand new mini site to exhibit the new Wii console. The new machine features a brand new design, featuring a black and red colour scheme and will also be available at the low price point of $99 (roughly, £60).

The console is currently only available in Canada, but we wouldn't be surprised to see it launch in other regions and possibly even the UK.

Although, the low price point does come at a disadvantage and a rather large one at that. To our amazement, Nintendo have stated that the new Wii has absolutely no online connectivity and new Wii owners will not be able to take advantage of WiiWare and Virtual Console along with in-game online functionality.

Does Nintendo's new emphasis on simply games give you a negative impression of the new console? Would you buy this adapted version or are you saving your pennies for the Wii U?

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