Review: Monster Shooter (3DS eShop)

Gamelion have had great success recently with their port of SpeedX 3D over to the Nintendo 3DS. Monster Shooter follows that pattern, with it's recent release on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

We really couldn't explain Monster Shooter better than the title does it's self. It's a game in which you travel around a pretty much generic level blasting 'monsters' with a range of guns that are available at your disposal.

Monster Shooter makes use of the twin-stick control method, which is a method that we would never have imagined to work on the 3DS. With the lack of two cirlce pads, Monster Shooter uses the ABXY buttons to choose the direction in which to shoot. It works, but it's tricky to get the hang of it.

There's a decent amount of levels to play with here, spread across three different planets, although there isn't much difference to be told from one level to the next. They're all pretty much generic, with a few sprite changes here and there.

The addition of Survival Mode adds some re-play ability, after completing the main campaign. This mode sees you holding it out for as-long as possible and attempting to wipe out wave after wave of monsters. It's a neat little distraction from the main storyline.

Throughout the game, there is a large amount of emphasis on collecting cash. You can then use this cash to buy new weapons, grenades etc... through the in-game shop. It's a great addition, which really adds that 'choose your own path' ability. You can then also toggle through your purchased weapons, whilst in the middle of a level, which is very handy as different monsters appear.

For the perfectionists amongst us, there's a range of Missions that you have to try and complete. These will see you performing a variety of tasks and really expand the game's length.

Monster Shooter's music is no catchy affair, you won't be humming it for months to come, but it does set the scene quite well. Its the same with the sound-effects.

In conclusion, Monster Shooter is a pretty solid title for fans of twin-stick shooters. But for some gamers, this may just be a little too much of the same. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

7/10 - Despite a few issues, Monster Shooter is still enjoyable to play.

Review copy provided by Gamelion

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