Review: Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique (3DS)

Gaming has moved on drastically since the days of teen-age boys playing Metroid in their bedrooms. With the coming of the Wii and DS generation, Nintendo attracted more 'casual' gamers. Amongst them being girls, whom are the primary audience for New Style Boutique.

Although, we believe that gender really doesn't matter when it comes to New Style Boutique, because the game managed to bring out the inner femininity in all of us. Still, we got a little concerned when the game automatically presumed that we were female. It all got a bit bizarre from there on in.

Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique all begins when you take an every day trip to your local Fashion Boutique. Which coincidentally sees the owner of the Boutique offering you a job, and before you know it, you're managing a small little Boutique.

We didn't really look at New Style Boutique as a game, we took it as a guide to learn the ways of the fashion industry. Which, we know very little about. Bubble Gum Pop is a style of clothing? We thought it was some sweet treat?

It's the mouth watering amount of activities that are included here, that make this one tight and tasty package. In any given day, you could be doing anything from re-wallpapering your apartment to picking out the latest styles for your customers at the exhibition hall.

We can see how the game is able to take many different paths, for many different players. There's so many options, that make it possible for a flurry of different styles to be expressed through the game.

In general, the shop works in a way that when a customer arrives, they state their needs and what they require. You then decide on the perfect outfit for them, we weren't too good at that, but we can see that some people have a bit of a higher level of ability when it comes to fashion.

It's also great fun controlling your store's budget, you'll have to invest your budget on new product lines and more, whilst earning enough money to keep the store running.

In terms of graphics, New Style Boutique is alot more crisp and clearer when the 3D slider is whacked up to full. This is great, but we have to say that the quality significantly increases for some reason when the game is played in 2D. It still looks great either way though.

The title makes great use of Nintendo Network, in the respect that you can open your own online store for your friends to visit. Fashion Plaza allows you to browse the styles of other players and for them to experience your own. It's a great little distraction to the main story.

AR Technology is put to great use when you are able to take snaps of your fashionised characters. Plus, you can also take pictures throughout the game and save them to your SD card.

In conclusion, Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique is not for everyone, but that issue comes with a game of this style. New Style Boutique is a great example of how the industry is adapting for new gamers. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

8/10 - New Style Boutique provides simple, mindless fun.

New Style Boutique is also known as Style Savvy: Trendsetters in North America.

Review copy provided by Nintendo

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