Review: PIX3D (3DS eShop)

There was once a time when pixels were a lavish luxury, both Mario and Zelda amongst many other titles were born from simply a selection of pixels. With the current craze surrounding pixels and retro gaming, Gamelion have given birth to a new form of pixel based puzzler...

PIX3D takes a very simply concept and makes it ridiculously addictive and rather quite enjoyable. PIX3D simply sees you faced with a selection of pixels, you must then change the angle to align these pixels and make a piece of pixel art visible.

You'll find yourself presented with these puzzles in a series of packs, each of the packs contains a selection of puzzles, each surrounding a particular theme. This could be anything from different foods to mystical tales, there's a lot of theme variation here.

Each puzzle is timed, challenging the player to complete the particular puzzle as swiftly as possible. The quicker the puzzle is completed, the higher the star rating awarded for the puzzle.

Some variation is provided in the fact that the game features three game modes in total. Arcade mode will see you simply working through the puzzles, as described above. Whilst Extreme mode challenges the player to complete the puzzles within a certain time frame and also adds extra distractions. Finally, Sprint mode sees the player completing the puzzles in the quickest time possible.

As far as control is concerned, Gamelion provide two pretty solid methods of control. These include; using the touch screen to move the angle around and using the circle pad, the latter being our preferred option. They both work, reasonably well, but we believe that one substantial option was missing...

It would have been nice for Gamelion to have provided Gyro control, it would have been awesome to have been able to move the angle by tilting and moving the 3DS system. Although, it would have probably made development time longer and pushed the price up.

It would have been wrong not to mention 'Create' mode, it's a nice little addition that allows you to create your own puzzle and is great for when you have exhausted the main puzzles.

But a small problem, comes in the lack of any form of multiplayer. It would have been really awesome for the game to have included online leader-boards for each puzzle and maybe the option to share your created puzzles with friends.

In terms of graphics, the game features very 'retro' but colourful graphics that are a true homage to the golden era of gaming and it's very similar for the music.

In conclusion, despite the lack of any multiplayer functionality and gyro controls, PIX3D is an absolute steal for £3.69. It features extremely solid gameplay and a very addictive concept. Gamelion have hit the mark once again with PIX3D. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

8/10 - PIX3D is an awesome take on pixel based puzzlers and another success for Gamelion.

Review copy provided by Gamelion

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