Site News: Join the Nintendo Fans Online Discussion Board

The Nintendo Fans Online community is a great one! You comment on our posts, reply to our tweets and like us on Facebook. But we want somewhere that you can really talk to like minded people. So we created the Nintendo Fans Online Discussion Board.

The Discussion Board is a forum in it's own form, it features a page in which you can reply to an existing topic, or even start your own. We wanted to make it really simple, and it is!

You can log in with your existing Google, Facebook, Twitter account, or any other account under the moon for that fact and get posting right away. It's really simple and incredibly fun. It's extremely new, but we want you to be one of the first members and there is sure to be rewards for our most active members.

We will be trialing the new Discussion Board over the coming weeks and making improvements where you see necessary. We're also going to need a friendly bunch of Community Moderators, that we think that you would be so perfectly.

So, head over to the Discussion Board now! Jump right in to a current discussion or even ask the community with your own topic. See you there!

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