Review: Crimson Shroud (3DS eShop)

Over the past few months, Level 5 have released three titles from the Guild01 compilation on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Crimson Shroud being the concluding piece of the trilogy, and for us, that isn't a good thing. We very much enjoyed both Liberation Maiden and Aero Porter, so will Crimson Shroud provide a fitting conclusion to a rather triumphant few months for Level 5?

On the surface, Crimson Shroud looks particularly complicated, the dark graphics and deep plot look to make this no Pokemon game. But as with other games in the Guild01 compilation, the short storyline here provides for a somewhat large amount of dissapointment.

Although, the story is quite deep, to be fair. We really won't go into any detail at all, because it's really the story that drives Crimson Shroud and perhaps without it, this game would provide for a pretty weak adventure.

Crimson Shroud also feels like a very deep adventure, and for us that depth feels somewhat unbearable. There's no element of pick-up and play here, once you're playing, you're stuck playing for a good few hours, before the somewhat short adventure comes to an end.

For us, the battle system provides a major problem. It's far too fussy and lacks the straight-forward system used in many other successful RPGs such as Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and even the Pokemon games. But it would be very wrong to compare Crimson Shroud to a Pokemon game.

Likewise, it is very wrong to continue to pull Crimson Shroud apart, after all, we could do that all day. The truth is, Crimson Shroud does feature some very attractive prospects. For fans of table-top RPG games, this adventure is quite an exciting one, all be it, a boring adventure for the rest of us.

We have to drastically praise the graphics used in Crimson Shroud. They provide somewhat a large amount of detail and appear to push the 3DS to it's extreme capabilities. Although, don't go expecting the level of colour and happiness demonstrated in titles such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, as the graphics here are of a much more dark affair. Although, we love them at that!

In conclusion, Crimson Shroud is a very deep adventure, that we can see appealing to quite a range of people. Sadly, we're not included within that range. For us, Crimson Shroud lacks the character and innovation in other RPGs of it's nature. Whilst it is a good game, we'd sooner sit down with a copy of Dragon Quest IX. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

6/10 - Crimson Shroud has no real problems, it really just fails to impress us.

Review copy provided by Level 5

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