Sponsored Video: Find Ralph and Win a Galaxy Note II

This article is sponsored by Samsung, but all thoughts expressed here are of our own...

Wreck it Ralph is Disney's upcoming movie, which features some of our favourite video gaming heroes and the ones we don't look upon as heroes (looking at you Bowser). Now there's a chance to win yourself a Samsung Galaxy Note, if you can find Ralph?

Head on over to the Wreck it Ralph website and search high and low for the pieces of the Ralph poster, you will then have the chance to win a Galaxy Note II along with other exclusive goodies.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is perfect for any gamer and that's why it fits perfectly with the theme of Wreck it Ralph. The smartphone's 5.5 inch HD screen offers the perfect environment for gaming on the go. Gamers absolutely love the new smartphone and we do too!

The Note II is considered as one of the best smartphones on the market and it's the current piece of kit to have your hands on. We'd absolutely recommend Samsung's latest mobile phone, not just for gamers but for everyone. It has an awesome design along with a great set of features.

Disney's Wreck it Ralph is available in Cinemas very soon, it's a must see film for all gaming enthusiasts. Even if you don't consider Bowser as an awesome guy!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a Samsung Galaxy Note II along with a load of other goodies, be sure to head over to the Disney website and Find Ralph. Once you have discovered all of the pieces to make the Ralph poster, be sure to enter for your chance to win this year's must have smartphone.

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