News: 3D Wii U Mario Title At E3 2013

Along with the confirmation of a new Mario Kart Wii U title headed for E3 this year, Satoru Iwata also told fans that a brand new 3D Mario game would also appear. The game is being developed by the same development team as Galaxy and 3D Land and will make its first public appearance at E3 2013. It has also been confirmed that the title will be playable at the event.

With the same development team as the fantastic Galaxy games and Super Mario 3D Land, it's anyone's guess as to what the title will be. Could it be the third installment to the Galaxy series? Maybe it'll be a second game with the 3D Land style. Or there's the possibility that it'll be an entire new game! Only time will tell, as we'll find out in June this year.

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