News: HMV's Troubles Continue to Escalate

Earlier this week, UK Entertainment giant HMV entered administration. Since then, the long standing Music, DVD and Gaming specialists appear to have hit even worse times as angry consumers begin to demand answers.

It became evident late last year that HMV had hit some pretty rough times. This was put down to the fact that retail stores of it's kind are undeniably struggling due to the growing rise in online shopping and digital downloads. This came as quite a shock, considering the show that the retailer put on for the Wii U's UK launch in late November.

Consumers are continuing to question their faith in the brand as staff refuse to accept the use of gift cards in stores. With the remarkable story that came to light today as an angry grandfather walked out with a selection of games, after being refused the right to use his giftcard.

The HMV online store also appears to have ceased trading, as an administrator's note reads. Stating that no purchases may be made online until further notice.

Worries amongst staff are also starting to rise, as HMV's 4,350 UK employees doubt the safety of their jobs.

It's quite clear that the UK high street Video Games market is very much struggling. With the new found ability to download games online and even purchased box copies through that medium, the use of a high street store has become quite unnecessary.

HMV have clearly stated that this isn't the end, as they wait to be pulled out of Administration, just as GAME were a little while back. Whilst this process continues to unfold, we would like to wish the best of luck to all of those involved with this huge issue.

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