News: Nintendo eShop Downloads (3/1/13)

Whilst 2012 was a very big year for Nintendo's eShops, we're all hoping that 2013 will be even bigger. Here are the first Nintendo Downloads of 2013...

Touch Battle Tanks 3D (3DS Download Software) - £4.49 - Agetec - What looks to be a promising premise, may be a little disappointing. This tank warfare game appears a little rough round the edges.

Ghosts n' Goblins (3DS VC) - £4.49 - Capcom - A very tricky platformer, fresh from the NES days, Capcom's classic is a must try for those who think they are good enough!

Crystal Adventure (DSiWare) - 200 Points - CIRCLE Entertainment - This looks to be a classic 2D top-down RPG experience, but will it provide any competition for today's big RPG franchises?

Vampire Crystals (WiiWare) - 1000 Points - Shanblue Interactive - This twin-stick shooter is actually a very solid title, with some very nice, but clearly vampire inspired graphics. Look out for our upcoming review...

That's this week's Nintendo Downloads, and the first of 2013. Will you be downloading anything when the downloads go live tomorrow?

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