Nintendo Fans Online Presents: The Top Games of 2012

2012 brought about great change for Nintendo, some would say that the legendary company were quite drastically dragged into the 21st century. Through all of that, Nintendo still managed to create some of their most innovative and fun titles ever. Nintendo Fans Online now presents the top games of 2012, as nominated and voted for by our team and you!

Wii U Retail Title of the Year

The Wii U is 2012's big new game console, and for Nintendo, it's a big step forward. The new console demonstrated new HD graphics and some very innovative features. The large selection of launch titles proved very popular amongst fans.

Nintendo Land is our Wii U Retail Title of the Year. We firmly believe that Nintendo Land fuses together everything that we love about Nintendo. The title has absolutely gorgeous graphics and brings the family together, just as Wii Sports did many years ago. Nintendo Land is the ultimate Wii U launch game for us and is well worth picking up.

Wii U eShop Title of the Year

Launching alongside the Wii U system, the Wii U eShop is most certainly Nintendo's strongest download store yet. There are some very strong titles available in the store, all available at a very affordable price point.

Little Inferno is most certainly our Wii U eShop Ttile of the Year. Whilst it may not strictly be a game, it's an absolutely fun and adorable little sandbox to play around with. We'd never dream of chucking our possessions into the fire in real life, which is why this is an even more attractive prospect.

3DS Retail Title of the Year

Whilst 2012 has seen the launch of the Wii U, it's still been a very big year for Nintendo's 3D handheld. The 3DS has seen some pretty big releases this year. Making for a very hard decision on our part.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star was voted as our 3DS Retail Tile of the Year. We absolutely loved it when we reviewed it back in November. We absolutely loved how the series had developed and the new ideas that this version presented. Whilst the likes of Kid Icarus: Uprising came very close, we had to give this one our 3DS game of 2012.

3DS eShop Title of the Year

In 2012, the 3DS eShop continued to rise. Retail Games were also made available on the 3DS eShop this year, but this award goes to our top download exclusive of 2012.

Colors! 3D is our 3DS eShop title of the year, there were some very close contenders in the form of Fallblox and Hydroventure: Spin Cycle. Whilst, Colors! 3D isn't strictly a game, it takes the very simple premise of an art package and makes it something very special. We absolutely loved Colors! 3D when we reviewed it earlier this year.

Wii Retail Title of the Year

This year saw the release of the much anticipated Wii U, but that doesn't mean the Wii hasn't had it's more than fair share of decent titles. There was quite a few interesting ones available on the now 'retro' system this year. But one stood out very prominently...

Xenoblade Chronicles is an absolutely fantastic adventure from start to finish, and that is why it's our Nintendo Wii game of the year. This magical adventure has an awesome story, beautiful graphics and enough gameplay to keep you playing for a very good while.

WiiWare Title of the Year

Nintendo's WiiWare service has seen a steady decline in the number of releases this year, but that is to be expected with the arrival of the Wii U and it's very own download service.  Whilst the majority of the titles weren't that brilliant, there was one hugely anticipated WiiWare title, that saw the light of day this year.

La Mulana was what we described as frustratingly difficult, but ever more addictive, and that's why this Japanese Indie Title is our WiiWare game of 2012. The game features classic graphics that pay homage to the golden days of gaming along with a very packed storyline. Our review of La Mulana explains more about why we loved it so much!

DS Retail Title of the Year

Nintendo have shown no sign of giving up support for the original DS. With the 3DS in it's second year of release, the original DS is still frequently receiving new titles and content. There was a certain title from Game Freak that really stood out as a contender for our DS game of the year.

Pokemon Black and White 2 is our Nintendo DS Title of the Year, because of how it takes the excellence of the original Black and White games and completely expands on them. We described it as 'the most complete Pokemon game to date' in our review.

DSiWare Title of the Year

Take a look at any Nintendo weekly download news article and you will find that the DSiWare service is still finding itself regularly updated with interesting content from a selection of big names and indie developers.

Ace Mathician was the most prominent of these titles. Developed by a single man, Ace Mathician has a very neat selection of levels and presents some really awesome ideas. It's super affordable at 200 Points, as our review from earlier this year explains.

Staff Nominated Title of the Year

We get through alot of games at Nintendo Fans Online, and if anyone knows about that, it's our awesome team. This year's Staff Nominated Title of the Year was nominated by Nathan Mills.

Pokemon Black and White 2 receives it's second award as our Staff Nominated Title of the Year. Nathan loved this game as a big fan of the franchise. As far as Pokemon experts go, Nathan is a very big one, so for Nathan to love this game, we can very much trust his judgement.

Reader Nominated Title of the Year

If anyone knows their games well, it's you, our readers! You love games and you love Nintendo, that's why you're here. @NintendoTweet is a big follower of Nintendo Fans Online, therefore, they nominated our Reader Nominated Title of the Year.

Mutant Mudds is proudly our Reader Nominated Title of the Year. @NintendoTweet loved it because of how it was easily accessible on the 3DS eShop. They saw it as one of the best titles on the eShop service and we wholeheartedly agree!

There you have it! Those are our Top Games of 2012! Maybe you thought different? Let us know of your thoughts in the comments below and what do you think the Top Games of 2013 will be?

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