Review: escapeVektor (3DS eShop)

It was over a year ago when Australian developer Nnooo, released escapeVektor: Chapter 1 onto the dying WiiWare service. It was a huge success at only 500 points and we were very much desperate to see Chapter 2. Sadly, Chapter 2 never came and that is quite understandable.

We were then filled with joy, to learn that Nnooo would be bringing not only the next installment of the game to the 3DS eShop, but infact, the whole of escapeVektor in it's entirety. It now gives us further joy to say that escapeVektor for 3DS is everything that the WiiWare version was, plus a whole lot more!

escapeVektor is quite a simple premise that is made undeniably quite complicated in the long run. On the surface, it's purely a game of gaining your ground and taking control. Nnooo then plastered this simple concept with lushious rero style graphics and a beautiful soundtrack to make something all together extremely pleasing.

As you progress through escapeVektor, you will soon find yourself unlocking a series of different abilities and many more levels of complication to the gameplay.

Retro style graphics are very popular at the moment, many games such as the Bit. Trip series have benefited from this greatly and it's quite obvious that Nnooo are hoping to benefit from this new trend in a very similar way. We can easily confirm, the graphics are purely awesome! They truly resemble the golden age of video games and show that classic Nnooo experience.

Beautiful soundtracks are also a very prominent feature of escapeVektor. These soundtracks are nothing too memorable, but they do set both the tone and atmosphere for the game.

There are also a few nice features that compliment the main gameplay very well. Such as the achievement system, which is a nice little addition and certainly extends the gameplay. The addition of online leaderboards was also one that we were extremely pleased with. It's nice to see that Nnooo have really gone to alot of effort with providing some neat little touches.

There's nothing to be concerned about, as regarding the amount of gameplay on offer. 150 levels should keep you munching for a very good while, with the addition of achievements to unlock, that is quite a tasty bundle.

Not everything is perfect though, there are a few problems that we could easily point out. Such as the relatively sloppy controls. In a game in which turning corners sharply is vital, it's often quite difficult to do so in escapeVektor.

It would have also been nice to have seen some form of level editor, it's quite a simple addition that many games have featured before.

In conclusion, escapeVektor is a great triumph for Nnooo. They have hit some pretty difficult days recently with the slightly disappointing Spirit Hunters Inc. escapeVektor has an awful lot to offer. This version is a great alternative to the less content packed and less portable WiiWare version. +Josh Moorcroft-Jones

9/10 - Nnooo have hit it again, escapeVektor is an absolute credit to the Australian developer.

Review copy provided by Nnooo

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