Review: Gunman Clive (3DS eShop)

Indie games are often credited for their originality. A very small development team allows ideas to flow and a great game to be made. Gunman Clive provides great testament to that. Made by a team of only two people, Gunman Clive is surprisingly brilliant.

The gameplay is relatively simple, it's simply about running and gunning. But it's what the developer does with this very simple premise that makes it all together something very special.

Gunman Clive puts together an absolutely beautiful mix of gorgeous graphics, tight physics and catchy soundtracks to make something that we doubt one of the biggest developers could produce. Gunman Clive is extremely solid and lacks any real flaws. Despite a select few bugs being reported, we can safely say that weren't in the slightest effected.

For us, the graphics are truly the main highlight. They are of a beautiful affair and feel extremely original, the level of detail is tremendous and we really struggle to find fault. Apart from the strangely placed health bar, that looks a tad out of place, but that's no real issue. The graphics all follow a very similar colour scheme, which is a bit of a risky approach, but it works, because it's been pulled off well.

The music takes a very similar approach. The soundtrack fits the western theme very well and on the whole is quite a pleasant listen, whilst taking on the game.

There are three diffiuclty levels to play on, easy being rather quite easy and hard is relatively difficult. For your first run through, we would most definitely recommend the normal difficulty. The game also gives you the option to play as one of two characters. The first obviously being Clive himself and the second would be Ms. Johnson.

Gunman Clive doesn't feature a large amount of content, the 20 stages on offer here can be completed within well under an hour. That isn't a huge issue mind, considering the game is available for a mere £1.79.

In conclusion, there isn't too much to say about Gunman Clive. It's an absolutely awesome adventure with gorgeous graphics and very tight gameplay. We struggle to fault what Bertil Hörberg has done with Gunman Clive. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

8/10 - Gunman Clive is of the quality we would expect from a very large developer, it's difficult to comprehend how this game was made by two people.

Review copy provided by Bertil Hörberg

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