Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U)

Why was Wii Sports the best selling Wii title of all time? It's simple, it came bundled with the console. That was a brilliant marketing tactic by Nintendo and what they are doing with the Wii U's launch is somewhat similar, but on a larger scale.

Nintendo Land is the Wii Sports of the Wii U era. Coming bundled with the Deluxe Edition of Nintendo's latest home console, this selection of mini games is likely to be a major selling point of the Wii U and in short, it completely deserves to be!

This game has quite a simple premise. As we said eariler, it follows guidelines set by it's spiritual predecessors. Those being the Wii Sports, Play and Party titles. This time though, the games are based around Nintendo franchises and arguably some of the biggest faces in video games. So what you're getting here is essentially a compilation of your favourite games of all time. Sounds good, right?

Yes, it does and the truth is, for the most part, it's good, very good indeed. There are alot of mini-games on offer here, and some of them are border-lining the justification as a full game. We'll give you a bit of information about our favourite of the bunch.

Most obviously, Zelda Battle Quest is quite the main course here. It looks and feels like a typical Zelda game, it just has the 'adventure' bits shaved off. That's a shame, but it's to be expected when you stick The Legend of Zelda in the middle of a compilation of Mini-games.

Other notable games include the Metroid mini-game, which again shaves the 'adventure' part off of the series, but that's quite an apetising prospect in this case. It's nice to enjoy the raw pleasure that Samus Aran's shooters bring, without getting caught up in some big plot. It's also very enjoyable to play this mode in Mutiplayer.

Many other mini-games, such as Animal Crossing Sweet Day, Octopus and the F-Zero style title are all notable for being quite enjoyable on the whole.

Some titles were slightly disappointing, on the other hand. The Mario game being the main disappointment here. With Mario being Nintendo's main mascot, you'd expect this to be the prominent Mini-game, but sadly, it really wasn't and became to be one of the most disappointing.

Audio and visuals are all nicely presented, just as we have come to expect of games on Nintendo's new home console. There's also a few other neat tocuhes thrown in, such as the tour train and the present dropper in the centre of the park.

In conclusion, what you have here is an absolutely bursting selection of mini-games based on the Nintendo franchises that we all know and love. Even if you don't like a few of the mini-games, you are still going to get alot of enjoyment out of this game. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

9/10 - Nintendo appear to have hit the almost perfect launch title with Nintendo Land.

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