Feature: What to Expect From The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

It’s like, you wait ages for a new Legend of Zelda release and then two come along at the same time right? Sure, we got to have a little play in Link’s realm last year thanks to Nintendo Land, but what we’ve really been waiting for is a proper adventure on the Wii U – though the first one we’re getting may be a bit familiar.

At Nintendo Direct, it was revealed there would be a brand new entry in The Legend of Zelda franchise on the Wii U console, but in the meantime the company was already busy on a revised version of Wind Waker, which first appeared on GameCube back in 2002. Of course, one of the most exciting things about this is that we’ll be able to revisit one of the best adventure games to hit that console in shiny high definition, but it seems Nintendo is doing much more than just giving it a visual makeover.

There are a range of features that expand on what came before, including the same Off TV Play that made New Super Mario Bros. U such a joy to those who don’t like their gaming interrupted. As well as this, there are plans for integration with the Miiverse and fans of other action games that have made it to Wii U will probably also be glad to hear about the plans to “tune up” the game for use with the console.

Hopefully, little will be done to mess with the original story of Wind Waker though, as it was pretty much perfect as it was. For those unfamiliar with it, the narrative takes place long after the events of Ocarina of Time in an ocean named the Great Sea. As it turns out, there’s an ancient tale involving an evil guy named Ganon that casts a shadow over the islands of this sea, one of which is home to Link, his sister and his grandmother. Obviously, this dark history rears its ugly head again, challenging the gamer to set off on an epic adventure. As it’s a Zelda title, there’s the usual blend of strategy games mixed in to get you thinking as you busy yourself swashbuckling your way through a series of levels.

Only time will tell if Nintendo get the balance right in terms of upgrading Wind Waker and retaining what made it so special in the first place, but the earliest signs certainly look promising.

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