Hardware Review: Interworks Controller Pro U

Never did we think that so soon after the Wii U's launch, we would see a third party controller release. Not only that, but we would never have imagined that it would combine elements of a Wii Remote, Classic Controller and even a SNES gamepad. Well, Interworks have done it, and we'd say they've done it very well.

The Interworks Controller Pro U is most certainly the Wii U Pro Controller's biggest rival, so much so that it could easily be confused for a first party piece of Nintendo kit. It quite prominently looks like the Wii U Pro Controller, just with a SNES gamepad thrown right in there. Sounds cheap? Well, it isn't. It's actually both refreshing and nostalgic.

We'll put this out there from the offset, this accessory does not act as a Wii U Pro Controller, it doesn't feature the same functionality and Interworks make that quite clear at purchase. What we actually have here is a piece of kit that acts as both a Wii Remote and Wii Classic Controller Pro. Meaning that it can still be used with your old Wii Console, whilst it provides great ability for the Wii U.

You see, what's handy about the Controller Pro U is that it acts as a Wii Remote. Meaning, of course, it can be used with New Super Mario Bros. U. Which doesn't actually support the Wii U Pro Controller, but it does support the Controller Pro U. That is absolutely brilliant news, because the Controller Pro U offers the best classic control method for NSMBU.

The controller also acts as a Wii Classic Controller, meaning it's functional for use with Virtual Console games or any other games supported by the Classic Controller.

We were also extremely impressed by the Controller Pro U's built in Wii Remote functionality. The controller actually features a Wii Remote pointer at the top, so it can be used fully as a Wii Remote. The sensor works just as it does with the Wii Remote and was extremely impressive to see how it can be used as a replacement to your Wii Remote.

In conclusion, the Controller Pro U isn't just a competitor to Nintendo's own Wii U Pro Controller, in many ways, it does an awful lot more. If you're looking for a well made Controller for your new Wii U with great functionality, look no further.

We'd like to thank Interworks USA, for kindly providing us with a Controller Pro U for this review. If you'd like to pick up one of these great controllers, head over to their website to find out more.

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