News: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Online Community Merges NA and EU Servers

Capcom just announced that a post-launch software update planned for April will allow players from North American territories to play online with players from European territories. and vice-versa.

The Capcom Unity forum has been discussing the fact that the servers for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will remain locked to a particular region as they were in Monster Hunter Tri.  Thus players from one would not be able to quest with players from another.  This news was not received well by the international community and for 47 forum pages, members voiced their complaints.....and Capcom was listening.

Today Yuri, a Capcom Representative, wrote in his blog about the software update:
"it will merge both North American and European servers into one big network for all western hunters out there"
This is very good news for a community that has been in need of some.  Yuri also mentions that the update will allow for off-screen play, something that earlier was reported would not be available on MH3U, and that free DLC will be made available almost every week after the launch for quite some time.  He also states that the digital version will see Day-1 availability in the eShops.

Just in case you ever wondered if it was worth posting your thoughts on a matter, Yuri also said:
This is happening solely because you communicated your thoughts very loud and clear - and it made sense
One of the members of Capcom's forum made the observation that the forum is called Capcom Unity.  With this response to giving their customers what they would like, the community can certainly feel more unified. 

What do you think about Capcom responding to the strong desire that all western player be able to quest together?  Let us know in the comments or the chat room.

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