News: Play Mario Kart 7 With Nintendo Feed

Are your engines ready? The Nintendo Feed Mario Kart community race night is on it's way! We want you to come and play Mario Kart 7 in our Community Room, with other Nintendo Feed readers and members of the Nintendo Feed team.

There will be two community rooms, one for an All Items Grand Prix and another for our Balloon Battle. The event takes place on Friday 1st March 2013 and here are the times...

United Kingdom (GMT) - 8pm
Central European - 9pm
Eastern United States - 3pm
Central United States - 2pm
Pacific US - 12pm (Noon)

Here are the codes for the community rooms, you'll need to enter these in the community section of Mario Kart 7's Online mode.

All Items Grand-Prix - 50-3971-6129-0044
All Items Battle - 14-3838-6051-3154

You'll be racing with other members of the Nintendo Feed community, along with our very own team members. Look out for Josh (Josh [NF]) and Daniel (Daniel [NF]) who will both be racing on the night, along with other members of the Nintendo Feed team.

We'll be tracking all the progress via our Twitter page and using the hashtag #NFMarioKart. Plus, we'll be discussing the race over in our Chat Room (even if you can't join the race, be sure to head over there and track the action with us).

See you on the track...

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