Review: Balloon Fight (NES/Wii U eShop)

So many great classics came out of the NES era, most of them still playable today, despite their age. You most likely recognize the likes of Metroid, Mario and Zelda. Balloon Fight though? No, we didn't think so. That's because Balloon Fight quite clearly hasn't stood the test of time.

Before we start, we'll take one quite big factor into consideration, Balloon Fight is available at this current time for the extremely small price of £0.30. You're not really going to waste any money here, because Balloon Fight can still be considered by some as a Nintendo classic. We just beg to differ.

Balloon Fight is quite a simple premise, and it takes place in the form of two game modes. The first seeing you working through a series of levels to pop the balloons of enemies and take them to the ground, without damaging any of your own balloons. After knocking out all of the balloons on your screen, the next screen appears and it all starts over again.

The second of the two game modes is what we consider to be the better of the two. Balloon Trip is essentially a small quest mode that sees your character travel along the screen in the slightly odd left direction. Despite this, the mode sees you travelling an automatically scrolling screen whilst avoiding the many obstacles and collecting all the balloons you can.

The graphics are a particularly bland affair, but that's quite acceptable considering how this game was born into the early NES era. We're just not keen of the dark and far too consistent theme that the game follows. It would have been nice see Nintendo have included some levels with slightly different backgrounds.

We're not going to grumble as far as the music is concerned, it's nothing memorable but the composers have done a nice job of creating a chirpy track that nicely compliments the game.

It's not all bad mind, Balloon Fight is our first look at what Nintendo have added in terms of the Wii U Virtual Console, and from what we've seen so far, it all looks quite nice. We loved how Nintendo fully integrated the MiiVerse and their Nintendo Network with this old game. It features full MiiVerse functionality including the ability to take screenshots and update your progress on the MiiVerse. There's also the option to create Restore Points in the game, much like the Wii Virtual Console allowed us to.

At this current time, the game only costs £0.30 as part of the Famicom Promotion on the Wii U eShop, but when it launches with the rest of the service, it will cost over £3 and we find it very difficult to recommend this ageing game at that price.

In conclusion, Balloon Fight really isn't a bad game and at it's original launch it was probably quite a fun little title. We just find it difficult to see a modern audience playing and enjoying this game, it follows a tiring theme and we don't believe that it shows off Nintendo's new Wii U Virtual Console to it's best. +Josh Moorcroft-Jones

5/10 - An old classic, that sadly lost it's charm back in the NES days.

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