Review: Snowboard Xtreme (DSiWare)

Well, where to start? There's not really a lot to say about Snowboard Xtreme. It feels a lot like a free game you'd pick up for an iPhone; the music's pretty bad, controls are kind of unresponsive at times and all in all, it's not fun.

The entire game is uninteresting. The concept's been done too many times; slalom around flags on a snowy hill while avoiding trees and the like. It's basically a high-score game that doesn't really do a whole lot except kill time. Scores are based on how long you last; each time you pass a flag, you'll get three extra seconds. It's the sort of game you pick up, play for a couple of minutes because there's nothing else to do, and then... that's it.

You guide your snowboarder around the flags using the D-Pad, or, if you're using a 3DS, the Circle Pad. It takes a second for the game to realise you've pressed the button, and even longer for your character to actually start moving. Besides that, almost every other button makes you jump, which is for jumping over obstacles. Surprisingly, jumping actually works. Pressing start brings up the pause menu, which looks terrible. It simply makes the screen go all blurry, which really isn't good to look at.

Your snowboarder is on the bottom screen and the action extends to the top screen as well, which makes it easier to see oncoming hazards. Speaking of hazards, you'll be seeing rocks, trees and not much else. Hitting one slows you down, which makes it harder to get a good score. Speaking of seeing, the high points of this super short title are probably the graphics. It doesn't look too bad, everything looks just like you'd expect it to on a snowy hill, it's just a shame there isn't much variety.

And, that's everything. There isn't a lot to see here, which is why I likened it to a free iPhone game... but unfortunately, Snowboard Xtreme is not free. For £1.79, Snowboard Xtreme provides a couple of minutes of fun. Then you'll never go near it again. There are much better games out there for £1.79, don't waste your money on this.

Snowboard Xtreme sadly feels like nothing more than an attempt by EnjoyUp Games to make a few pounds. EnjoyUp Games can do better, they published the fantastic La-Mulana last year for WiiWare. Please, go and play La-Mulana instead of this. +Daniel Godfrey

3/10 -Nothing more than a time wasting high-score game, we'd advise you to not waste your money.

Review copy provided by EnjoyUp Games

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