Interview: QubicGames (AiRace Speed)

Very recently, QubicGames announced AiRace Speed for 3DS. We caught up with Qubic to talk about their new game and other projects...

Nintendo Feed: Hi QubicGames, thanks a lot for joining us today! Could you please briefly introduce yourselves to our readers?

QubicGames: Hi Nintendo Feed and all your readers! Thank you for hosting us.
We tend to let our games speak for us, but I’ll explain who we are. We are based in Warsaw, Poland and since 2004 our style of working and the games we produce follow this simple philosophy:Always Have Fun!

We have developed 7 games for different devices and our team is currently composed of 15 members.

Regarding games, we are close to releasing AiRace Speed, the sequel of the acclaimed AiRace Series. Lastly we were working on the Gnomz series. On WiiWare there was the melee fighting game Gnomz followed by the runner 2 Fast 4 Gnomz. Later we created an upgraded version of 2 Fast 4 Gnomz for the 3DS eShop. To see our full list of games, visit this page:

To finish it’s important to say that we are not only developing games but also about a special engine called C-Way. I believe that we’ll talk more about it later though.

Nintendo Feed: Very recently, you announced AiRace Speed, could you tell our readers a little more about that game and the series as a whole?

QubicGames: AiRace Speed will be the third game of the AiRace Series. It will be released on 3DS,  iOS and maybe Android.

The two previous titles, AiRace and AiRace: Tunnel, were released on DSiWare and were very positively received by gamers and critics. They were considered by many to be the best racing games on the DSiWare.

In AiRace Speed you will fly faster than ever in challenging indoor levels: caves, electronic tunnels, pits full of lasers, industrial corridors etc.

The gameplay will be similar to our previous title AiRace: Tunnel but AiRace Speed is much bigger and more sophisticated. Also, you won’t just pilot your planes. The gameplay will include many more mechanics.

QubicGames is very enthusiastic and aims to release one of the best racing games on Nintendo 3DS with AiRace Speed. The perfect combination of smooth controls and tricky levels is what we want to achieve for the gameplay.

We have created a blog for this game (also in French and Japanese): It hosts all the latest news about the game and the community of fans.

Nintendo Feed: What new features to you intend to include with this new game? How will it differ from previous games in the series?

QubicGames: The levels of AiRace Speed will be much more various in their design and structures. During the race you’ll come across shortcuts, rewarding paths, closed ways, big chambers, crazy obstacles, strongly curved tunnels etc.

Moreover you will be able to increase the speed of your plane by yourself, which was not possible in AiRace: Tunnel. With some nitro you’ll speed up like a rocket! But it won’t be easy to handle.

Finally and this is a very important point, AiRace Speed will feature online leaderboards. So you will be able to rank your best scores and compare with other players. This will add a great replay value to the game. No wonder that there will be many ways to improve your progress into those complex levels! The leaderboards will be global but there should also be the possibility to view friends leaderboards.

Nintendo Feed: Do you have any idea of when you will be releasing the game and how much it will cost on the 3DS eShop?

QubicGames: AiRace Speed should be released around mid-2013. We haven’t decided of an exact price yet. However I can confirm that the game will be easy for the wallet, accessible to all.

Nintendo Feed: The previous games in the series, have been Nintendo exclusives, why did you decide to release this one on iOS and Android as well?

QubicGames: We believe that a game such as AiRace Speed is appealing to people who prefer to play on their pads or smartphones. That’s why we would like to make it available for them too.

AiRace Speed is a very important project for us. We believe that it will be successful as we are confident in our skills in making racing games. That’s why we think that it’s a good idea to create a version for other handheld devices. Besides the game might be slightly different, maybe easier, on iOS.

Nintendo Feed: Why did you decide to release your game on the 3DS eShop? Why not on DSiWare again, or even on the Wii U eShop?

QubicGames: The 3DS eShop is a great place for smaller developers to release their games. Besides we have the experience of creating games for this platform thanks to 2 Fast 4 Gnomz. AiRace Speed is too sophisticated for the DSiWare. Regarding the Wii U eShop, we are not sure whether it will be good for us to develop this game on this platform. For now we want to focus on making it for the 3DS. Then we will take concrete decisions about developing for the Wii U, and that doesn’t have to be regarding a racing game.

Nintendo Feed: Talking of the Wii U, do you have any plans as far as that is concerned? Do you intend to develop any games for Nintendo's new home console, if so, are there any in the pipeline at the moment?

QubicGames: We want to make a game which will be multi-platform, possibly on PC, Mac, Xbox and/or Wii U. It will most likely be a difficult and adult-oriented game, as well as bigger and more polished than any others we’ve made until now. But, Wii U or not Wii U…the answer lies undisclosed in our hearts.

Nintendo Feed: Let's talk about 2 Fast 4 Gnomz, that was a fun little 3DS and Wii title! Will we be seeing a sequel for that game? Or even a port over to the Nintendo Wii U, that would be super awesome!

QubicGames: About 2 Fast 4 Gnomz, a lot of people asked us about making a sequel or at least some extra DLC. However now we are focused on new projects that we believe more interesting for us at this point. So for now, we don’t plan on creating new content nor on porting 2 Fast 4 Gnomz on the Wii U. Sorry! We’re sure that you’ll be very pleased by our other creations though.

Nintendo Feed:  How is your famous C-Way engine coming along? Are you still using that, does it provide a stable ground for making your games?

QubicGames: C-Way is going very well thanks. We are happy with the technology it provides. This unique engine is very efficient in organizing the work and improving the physics and graphics performances.
To know more about the game engine C-Way, visit this page:

Nintendo Feed: Finally, what upcoming Nintendo releases are you excited about? Do any of the big first party titles excite you?

QubicGames: Like a lot of people, we are excited about the upcoming Rayman Legends for Wii U. We were obviously disappointed when a delay was announced. We’re also delighted to see BIT.TRIP RUNNER 2 on the Wii U eShop. Our 2 Fast 4 Gnomz took inspiration from this game.

Nintendo Feed: Thank you very much for joining us QubicGames! We'll hopefully see more of your games in the near future and maybe catch up with you again soon...

QubicGames: Thank you very much for hosting this interview and for supporting our work. Bye bye readers!

A huge thanks to Mikael Bourget for taking his time to answer our interview questions! If you have any questions for Qubic, leave them below and we'll get them over to them...

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