Interview: Two Tribes (Toki Tori 2)

Toki Tori 2 is a new game from Two Tribes.  It is the sequel to Toki Tori which was the first game released by Two Tribes back in in 2001.  The game combines puzzles and platform game play in a colorful world.

Two Tribes has taken a less is more approach to the abilities of the main character of the game.  He has no pockets so he isn't able to carry items.  Being pleasingly plump, actions such as jumping over obstacles or flying aren't Toki Tori's preferred method of travel.  Instead, he burns calories by whistling and stomping on the ground.  To be honest, I can get on board with this exercise routine.

Toki Tori 2 was originally set to be released on December 20, 2012 but was delayed by Two Tribes because they felt it wasn't good enough to release.  It is now set to hit the Wii U eShop in March 2013.  Two Tribes has been very open about their decision to delay and fans appeared to have appreciated that, unlike the caustic response they have given to Ubisoft's silence after the Rayman Legends delay.   There seems to be truth in the statement, "The only difference between the repulsive rat and the cute squirrel is the fuzzy tail."  Presentation is everything.

In spite of being very busy putting the final touches on Toki Tori 2, a member of Two Tribes sat down with Nintendo Feed to give us an update on how things have progressed as well as some of the features of Toki Tori 2.

Nintendo Feed:  Toki Tori 2 was originally delayed from its December 20, 2012 release date as the development team felt it needed more work.  Now that we are closing in on an estimated March release, do you feel the extra time enabled you to get where you wanted?

Two Tribes:  It's so much better, it feels great now. I honestly think we have reached the point at which Toki Tori 2 will meet fan expectations, while before it would have disappointed so many fans.

Nintendo Feed:  On your site you refer to "knowledge unlocks" and explain that all parts of an area are available at all times instead of needing an item or an ability that you would get later and then come back to access what was previously inaccessible.  Do you feel you have been able to accomplish that without making the game too easy for experienced players?

Two Tribes:   Yes! It's been something we wanted to do from the very beginning and we've managed to hold on to it throughout the entire game. The only thing that's locked in the game is a door where you deposit collectibles, which opens at the end. All puzzles are always solvable from the moment players start.

Nintendo Feed:  One of the upcoming features for the Wii U version is a level editor where players can design and build their own levels and puzzles.  How is this feature developing and will there be a way for players to upload and share their puzzles with others?

Two Tribes:   We want to make it super easy to share content with your friends or random people. We're looking into using MiiVerse for this, but haven't decided how this will be handled.  We've been super busy getting the game to a finished state, so we'll worry about that later on.

Nintendo Feed: Two Tribes has appeared very favorable to the Wii U from the beginning.  Having had time to design a game for it, do you feel it has the potential that you initially felt it did?

Two Tribes:  The combination of a Nintendo Audience, that we can reach through Miiverse and that can buy our games easily is perfect for us. I think this is what sets the console apart for me, more than any hardware feature could ever achieve.

Nintendo Feed would like to thank Collin van Ginkel of Two Tribes for taking some time out of a very busy week to spend with us.

What seems to be a determining factor in how developers view the Wii U is what they find important, features or specs.  Two Tribes highlighted the Nintendo Audience and the Miiverse as important factors in the appeal of the Wii U console and cited they were more important that any hardware upgrade.  Will these two things, found only on the Wii U, be enough to draw more developers to the console?  Only time will tell.

We hope for a very successful launch of Toki Tori 2 and look forward to providing a review of the game soon. 

Are you looking forward to Toki Tori 2?  Give us a whistle in the comment section below or stomp your way over to our chat room.

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