News: Zen Pinball 2 Finally Given NA Release Date

The Jewish month of Nisan is no stranger to miracles.  So perhaps it is appropriate that Nisan 1 on the Jewish calendar corresponds to sundown of March 11 and once again an event that seemed to require divine intervention has finally occurred.  After months in submission/finalizing bondage, Zen Studios has given us a release date for Zen Pinball 2.

The title was released in EU territories on January 31, which prompted those in North America to inquire when they would be able to enjoy the game themselves.  Zen Studios announced today on their media outlets that Zen Pinball 2 would make it to the promise land of the NA Wii U eShop on 3/21/13, that is Nisan 10 if you were wondering.

Zen Pinball 2 for the Wii U boasts an impressive collection of tables that can all be downloaded and played for free, albeit with a time/score limit.  Players can then remove the limit by purchasing the tables they enjoy.  Table prices run from $2.99 for individual tables to $9.99 for pre-bundled packs of four.

The original announcement about the game on Zen's blog listed the tables that would be available at release.  Although it was not shown, players in EU territories have confirmed that Civil War is in the library.

This event hopefully brings Wii U owners one step closer to seeing Star Wars pinball, which was announced and released on multiple platforms last month.  The Wii U was not listed as a platform Star Wars pinball would be released on, but Zen has stated multiple times that "The force is strong with the Wii U" indicating that it should be there in time.

Are you excited to hear of Zen Pinball 2 making its exodus to the eShop?  Let us know in the comment section or in our Chat Room.

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