Review: LEGO City: Undercover (Wii U)

LEGO Video Games are usually associated with blockbuster movie tie-ins. You know the sort, we've seen it all before, LEGO Batman and LEGO Indiana Jones. However, it came at great surprise at E3 2011, when Nintendo announced that there would be a new LEGO game on the new Wii U soon after launch. This title would have it's own story and would follow a very different theme to other LEGO titles.

Back at E3 2011, LEGO City: Undercover appeared to us as a quite attractive prospect, as the title immediately caught our eye as a Wii U title to watch. Now we have the game in our hands, it certainly is still an interesting prospect, and it's everything we expected it to be and more. However, a few issues with loading and frame rate, did let this otherwise attractive title down.

The premise is simple, you play "Chase", or "Chase McCain", he's LEGO City's Super-cop and you're meant to love him. After joining the City's police force, you fight against a number of crimes, which are set out in the form of missions. LEGO City is a vastly large area with many areas to be explored. TT Fusion really have gone all out in creating the perfect scene for their new LEGO game, and we really do commend them for that, it's a great achievement.

The big missions you'll be taking on, generally include some form of fast paced action. You'll likely be driving a police car around, chasing wrong doing criminals. It's all really good fun, and the fast paced missions are accompanied by a large number of puzzling aspects.

LEGO City really is huge and because of this, the game is aswell. If it's value for money, you're looking for here, there's a complete tonne of it. The game will keep you exploring and completing missions for hours on end, and it's all measured through a handy percentage reading that tracks your progress. We do love that about LEGO games.

The whole game follows a very "open" theme, which is quite similar to what we have seen in the past, with titles such as Grand Theft Auto. We absolutely loved the ability to run anywhere you please and visit any places you please, and don't get us started on the ability to jut jump in any car and drive. Yep, that really is as fun as it sounds!

However, we really can't get away without mentioning some of the quite big issues in LEGO City: Undercover. As aforementioned, it's really good fun just jumping into any car and driving, but the issue comes with the driving itself. Every car that we tried in LEGO City: Undercover was extremely difficult to drive, we're unsure if it is meant to feel like this. However, driving is extremely painful, with simple tasks like turning corners, quite an ill thought.

Although, troubles extended further with load times. From simply loading up the game, to travelling between areas, loading was a horrendous issue. We absolutely dreaded moving on in the game because of this and unfortunately, load times ruined an otherwise smooth experience. Furthermore, frame rate was occasionally a problem, animation was slightly slow and a little jagged at times we found. We can only hope that Nintendo are able to iron out these issues in a near update for the game.

Still, the graphics in LEGO City: Undercover remain strong, as we've seen with other LEGO games and whilst music isn't really memorable, it is a nice accompaniment to the gameplay. Along with this, voice acting is extremely strong throughout the game, and can even be aided with subtitles, if you should want.

In conclusion, it's great to see the LEGO series break free from the traditional movie-tie in. LEGO City: Undercover is truly impressive because of it's huge and open world, along with huge doses of character found round every corner. However, its let down by horrendous loading time, along with occasional frame rate issues. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

7/10 - A great break through in the LEGO series, that is let down by some unacceptable issues.

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