Review: Nano Assualt EX (3DS eShop)

When I got this game I was unsure about what it would be like. It's not something that had been done before, a very original plot (well, sort of.). I had heard nothing of it, what the gameplay would be like, the controls, nothing. As it turns out, this is not only an excellent little eShop title but it's a good game and will entertain you for a good while.

The story is unique, civilisation is infected with a horrible deadly virus calle the Nanostray virus and scientists are desperately trying to destroy it before the human race is wiped out completely. That's where you come in, the pilot of a microscopic spaceship called a Nanite. With this ship you set out onto different cell clusters to dispatch a horde of hostile beasties that are infecting the cells. It certainly is an unique plotline, and it works like a dream.

The levels are great too and vary between 2D levels where you are on a cell zapping all the little monsters swamping the cells to 3D Star Fox-like levels (which are reall hard, trust me on this) to excellent boss battles that are all different and have different shapes, attacks or ways to kill them. The only problem is they get very hard, very quickly that slightly lets the game down and even after some of the hardest levels you don't feel satisfied with your achievement, just annoyed, and what makes it worse is the lack of checkpoints that are desperately needed on the hard ones like the 3D levels, but really, the difficulty is only a small letdown.

The controls are slightly odd at first but eventually you'll get used to them and you'll be very glad they made the controls like they have done. The circle pad is, you'd never guess, to move and the X,Y,A and B buttons are all to shoot. No, not all to shoot forward, but backward and sideways too, which really makes up for the hard difficulty and will really save your bacon most of the time. The L button is used on 2D levels to make the area of which your shots go wider, which again is very useful, and after Level 2 you will unlock your very own plasma cannon that is shot with the R button, which homes in on an enemy an swiftly dispatches them without you batting an eyelid. Plus there's even Circle Pad Pro compatability. All the control styles and the weapons help brilliantly too, the game would be much harder without them.

The gameplay is smooth yet explosive, especially on those annoying 3D levels where hordes and hordes of little big horrors are constantly bombarding you with wave apon wave of bullets, and your frames per second will stay the same and run exceptionally well, though you will run into the occasional Lag Spike of Death but that only happens when things get really messy, but generally it's fine. The game overall feels like Star Fox's little brother, and his little brother is basically the same as him but he doesn't know how to perform barrel rolls. Instead he has an awesome plasma cannon.

To sum it all up, this game has it's many strengths and weaknesses but it's mostly a good game. Yes, the difficulty lost it it's few marks but gamers who love a good rage game, and even those who don't will love it too. Even better it has hours of gameplay, and will hopefully keep you entertained for ages. + Thomas Heath

7/10 - An excellent game that is only let down slightly by high level of difficulty.

Review copy provided by Shin'en Multimedia

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