Feature: Games We're Playing This Weekend (19/4/13)

At Nintendo Feed, we spend most of the week writing about Video Games, and we love it! However, when the weekend comes, it's usually a time for us to actually play some Video Games. Whether it be games for review or recent hits, we get through alot of games when it comes to the weekend. That's why, in this new series of articles, we'll be telling you all about the games we're playing this weekend.

Josh Moorcroft-Jones - I'll be kicking things off with the games on my gaming agenda this weekend, and I can safely say, there's alot of them! Firstly, I'll be sitting down to carry on with my Fire Emblem: Awakening adventure, after completing my recent review. Furthermore, I'll hopefully finally get the chance to play some more Luigi's Mansion 2, I really loved that game, but I just haven't had the perfect opportunity to sit down and work through it one and for all.

On top of this, I'm currently ploughing through a number of 3DS Virtual Console titles. Harvest Moon GB is extremely high on my agenda, as I continue to develop my farm. Plus, I'll hopefully get chance to pick up my Wii U Gamepad again and download Kirby's Adventure, I loved that game first time round!

Daniel Godfrey - This weekend, I know for a fact that I'll be playing LEGO City: Undercover, as despite the loading times, it's one of my favourite Wii U titles to date. For me, the missions are only half the fun, as quite a lot of the time I just end up driving around LEGO City with no particular goal in mind. It’s just fun to drive around in that giant game world, with a feeling of absolute freedom.

Besides the Wii U, I’ll be playing mainly 3DS titles. One of which is Luigi’s Mansion 2, my favourite 3DS game. I’m going for 100% completion, and Thrill Tower’s really fun as well, especially online. I’m also pretty addicted to Harvest Moon GBC, on the 3DS Virtual Console. Growing tomatoes has never been so much fun!  Finally, my old DSi’s getting some use as well, as I play through both Pokemon Platinum and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass again, both of which are really fun.

Scott Everly - This weekend produced a perfect storm of Monster Hunter delight that is bound to absorb a lot of my game playing time this weekend.  First, I recently achieved High Rank both in the village and the town so I will be exploring some new areas and monsters.  Second, the game refuses to give me the Rathalos Plate that I need to finish my armor set, but I have some friends that are going to help me pound one out of that dragon.  Third, Capcom's update went live and now I will get to hunt with some friends I have in Europe for the first time ever!  This is exciting times.

When I happen to only have a couple minutes, I'll probably boot up Zen Pinball 2.  I got the Zen Classic Pack and my wife really liked Epic Quest so we picked that up as well.  I've been working on El Dorado recently and overtook one of my friends for the high score on that table, but now that he knows that I'm sure it won't take him long to reclaim it.  I haven't invested much time into the Telsa or Shaman tables, but I'm looking forward to playing those as well.

Thomas Heath - The weekend won't be too Nintendo-packed for me personally but since I recently downloaded Luigi's Mansion 2 I'll be sure to be playing that. Since I only just started the game I will have to unlock the online features first before I go online, but I'll be straight on as soon as I manage to get past the bloomin' 'Quiet, Please!' mission (has anyone actually finished that one yet? My brain hurts).

Aside from Luigi's Mansion 2 I'll be doing a bit of racing too, mostt likely with Mario Kart 7 or Need For Speed Most Wanted U - my favourite game on the Wii U so far. If I end up on MK7 I'll be on some random grand prix or the Nintendo Feed community grand prix (if Josh has still got that up and running) and if you see me on prepare to... win. I'm terrible at MK7.

That's all we're playing this weekend, it surely is a busy weekend ahead. However, we wouldn't suspect we're the only ones playing games this weekend. We want to know exactly what you're playing. Let us know in the comments below...

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