Feature: Nintendo's Decision to Rock the E3 Formula

Electronic Entertainment Expo is the glitzy video games expo that sees developers and publishers, big and small showcase their upcoming products. With the big names in gaming, the likes of Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and more holding prestigious presentations to showcase their new and upcoming games. However, Nintendo have recently confirmed their decision to break free from the traditional E3 formula.

For us, it came and no surprise that Nintendo announced this big shake up. With the rise in Nintendo's own regular Nintendo Direct broadcasts, Nintendo sure have been trying to reach out more to fans, compared to media professionals However, we weren't too sure that Nintendo would be quite ready to completely ditch the traditional approach to E3 just yet...

As with the likes of Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft, we usually see Nintendo hold a big conference announcing their upcoming games, before letting E3 attendees try out these new games. However, in a recent statement, Nintendo have told us that they plan to ditch this traditional conference and hold smaller presentations and focus majorly on their Nintendo Direct broadcasts throughout the year.

In some ways, we can understand Nintendo's decision greatly, as last year, they were dubbed to have "lost E3". Granted, we can understand that Nintendo's E3 performance was significantly quite weak, with no huge titles being announced. However, considering most Nintendo gossip now comes out of their regular Nintendo Direct broadcasts, it doesn't come at a great surprise that the Big N didn't have a huge deal to discuss at their E3 2012 appearance.

Nintendo have decided to take a much more scaled-down approach to their E3 presence this year. Instead of holding a big presentation, Nintendo will purely be showcasing upcoming products and software, instead of using E3 as a medium to announce big upcoming blockbuster titles.

For us, we like the prospect of Nintendo's more direct regular broadcasts. It feels like Nintendo are starting to serve the fans, you, more than just us media professionals. Plus it gives us a much more regular fix of Nintendo gossip to talk about.

Nintendo's new approach to E3 for this year, sure is scaled down. However, it could set a good model for other big names in gaming to follow. Still, E3 is one of the biggest events in gaming and could a lack of a big presence from Nintendo cause it to loose it's status?

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