Feature: One Lady's Incredible Tetris Story

Quite recently, Nintendo Feed heard from a lady named Norma via email. Norma suffers from Dyslexia, however, she had grown a fond love for Tetris. Norma's story has shown us how Tetris can truly change lives and the true effect of this Russian puzzler.

Norma explains to us how "the most wonderful game", Tetris has changed the course of her life. How Tetris has been able to overcome her Dyslexia. Norma claims that Tetris holds the power to "recreate, restructure and relearn". Here is Norma's story...

"Years ago my children gave me the most wonderful game called Tetris. I have a form of dyslexia and was in my 30's before I understood most of what I was reading. At first I was very frustrated with the game... for one nothing went the way I wanted it to go, for another the colors threw me off as I could not tell some of them apart. In the beginning I never got over the first 3 levels. But as I continued to play it got easier and I soon learned that other things also became easier.

As I played I learned that I could think outside the game as if it were the game... Confused, if you don't have dyslexia I bet you are. For instance, moving the furniture, can be a chore. You see one thing but the move is really different in real life. There is a lot more but suffice it to say it changed my life.

The problem came when first my old nintendo broke and I was left without a game to play. Then my daughter got a DS and a new tetris game she thought I would like BUT it was to far advanced for me. I was still back on level 29 of the original game and here was some pyramid that was so confusing I could not even get started.

Okay what is my point here. My point is that instead of seeing it as a game Tetris should be looked at as a learning tool and produced as such for dyslexic, autistic, and anyone with brain damage. It actually causes the brain to recreate, restructure and relearn. The saddest thing I have had to deal with is that I can not play anymore."

Tetris is truly a life changer and Norma's story has proven testament to what we have always believed. Tetris holds a strange power to change the course of the brain.

We'd like to thank Norma Henry for sharing her lovely story with us. If you have a story to share about how a video game has changed your life, drop us an email or leave it below...

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