Review: Harvest Moon (Gameboy/3DS eShop)

Video Games have always been considered as an escape from the chores of everyday life, however, Harvest Moon has always presented this in a completely different way. As with other Harvest Moon games before and after it, Harvest Moon GB presents players with the same somewhat meaningless tasks to carry out over and over again. However, that would most probably be exactly why we love it...

What we have here, is essentially a stripped back version of the Harvest Moon franchise, which is more than acceptable considering it was released during the limited Gameboy era.

The premise presented in Harvest Moon really couldn't be simpler; you've been left a farm by your late grandfather and it is your job to restore the farm to working order and regain profits, this must then satisfy your grandfather in his rather ghostly form.

The first task you'll be presented with will entail clearing and cleaning the farm with the tools left for you by your grandfather. Here, you'll be plucking up weeds, axing down trees and mining away bits of rock that have accumulated on your farm. After this process is complete, you'll need to hoe some land to lay down your first crops, which can be purchased from the shop in the village.

Other than planting a variety of crops, available dependent to seasons, you'll also be generating income through the usual Harvest Moon means. These include collecting milk and eggs from your Chickens and Cows. You'll then leave all your produce to be sold to the trader at the end of the day.

It's a quite simple process that you'll find being repeated every in game day. However, whilst it may at first appear a little repetitive, Harvest Moon GB soon becomes an addictive experience that you'll find quite difficult to put down.

Aside from carrying out the daily tasks that come with Harvest Moon, you'll be able to customize your farm with a variety of plants and fencing, aswell as expanding your house. From the farm, you'll also be able to explore the village, however this is only managed through a menu, and not an in game area, as with other iterations of Harvest Moon.

In conclusion, the Gameboy version of Harvest Moon may not be able to offer the hugely expanding gameplay of other games in the series. Despite this, it still offers a heap of addictive fun that can be continued to be played for a good while. It represents the core reason why we love the Harvest Moon franchise. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

7/10 - Despite not being able to offer the large amount of functionality offered in other Harvest Moon games, this version still offers alot of fun and should not be skipped over.

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