Review: My Foal 3D (3DS eShop)

This game rather oddly surprised me. It's name should be a game only little kids, probably girls, who spend hours of their days chatting to there friends showing off their Hello Kitty handbags and twirling each others' hair, only to come home to stare at their My Little Pony posters behind their beds. Oddly enough, this game was actually alright. The minigames are good, the graphics are superb and it really uses the 3DS' features very well, utilising the gyro scope, which never really gets used much. Overall it's a pretty good title.

The first thing that's good before you even start playing is that you can have three save files, which is brilliant if you only have one 3DS in the house or your sibling or friend wants to try it out without ruining your progress. When actually do start playing you are met with a rather helpful tutorial and you receive your first pony, one that, if the names aren't randomized, should be called Stewball. Poor 'lil Stewball has been overworking so you need to look after it and feed and make it happier.

At first the game seems rather plain with the tutorial section not giving you much freedom to play around but eventually you get to do more then what it tells you to do. One of the things I got stuck on is the 'giving your foal milk' minigame that makes you make the foal drink from a bottle (the name definitely doesn't fit the objective) and I only found out on my umpteenth try that you have to move the stylus on the touch screen to the desired position for the foal to drink the bottle at, but instead of a bad explanation of what to do I think it was just me whizzing through the tutorial.

The minigames generally in this game are very unique and fun to play, many utilizing the touch screen and one even uses the gyro sensor. What really pleased me is that they didn't just release this game on the 3DS for the hell of it, they really used it's features to the max. In fact, when you call over your foal (whether you decide to use the whistle button or the microphone) you get to feed your foal or even better, use your AR cards (if you haven't lost them already) to make your lovely horse come to life on your table. The graphics and 3D are great too, surprisingly good in fact.

After a while you get to finally get your own foal to look after once you've finished looking after Stewball. You can look after up to three foals (though they can't all be in the same stable) and when you receive it you get to customize your foal to make it look how you want it, with a wide range of colours, spot types and breeds- an excellent touch. Then you can name your foal (I couldn't think of anything so I went down the Team Fortress 2 route and chose Heavy) and look after i in your stable.

In conclusion this game really did surprise me. It utilized the 3DS' features, had eye-meltingly good graphics and original minigames. Definitely one for all you bronies out there. + Thomas Heath

7/10 - A pretty decent pony game that uses the features of the 3DS well and is worth getting if you're a fan of horses.

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