Review: Pets Resort 3D (3DS eShop)

Before you go on and read this review, I'd like you to do something. Look at the screenshot above. Does it remind you of anything? If not, it probably should. Someone out there is thinking "Hmm, isn't that Nintendogs?". We wouldn't blame you for thinking so. Pets Resort 3D is essentially a Nintendogs + Cats clone. Well, it's not a perfect clone, because the fun has been drained from this title, and in its place, a number of very mundane, boring and repetitive tasks have been introduced.

Instead of adopting a pet at the beginning of the game, you're instead given the task of creating a pet resort. What this means is that people will turn up and ask you to look after their pets for them; you'll have to feed them, wash them, play with them. This takes about 10 minutes, and once you're done you'll have to hand the pet back over to the owner. That's it, they're gone forever. You won't be able to develop a loving relationship (or something) with the pet as they'll be taken away just as you feel you're starting to like them.

But that doesn't matter anyway, because most of the animals look identical anyway; there's no way to tell two German Shepherds apart, especially if they have the same colour fur. So instead of building a man's-best-friend relationship, you'll be building up your island resort. Each pet you pamper gets you more money, which can be spent on toys, food and of course, new pet houses. More pet houses means more pets to look after, which means more money, and... well, you get the idea.

Each 'level' is broken into three tasks, for example, 'level' 1 needs you to treat two Husky dogs, one Retriever dog and then clean the dog house. Clearing these missions progress you through the game, it's all very simple stuff. To treat a pet, you'll need to feed them and give them a drink, which both are done through  boring menus. Washing your animals feels extremely Nintendogs; first use the sponge to wash the pet and then use the shower to wash off the soap. Then you'll need to do a specific activity, depending on which treatment the owner wanted. For example, the diet treatment requires you to play an uninteresting game of fetch with your pet.

And that's about it gameplay wise. Other than the overcomplicated menus and repetitive sound and music, there's not much else to look at in Pets Resort 3D. There's a slight amount of story; you've bought an island and are wanting to turn it into a pet's paradise. The visuals aren't exactly award winning, but they aren't half bad. Except for the pets themselves, that is, which look like some sort of robots. Well, you can see for yourself in the screenshot above. If you're still unsure, even after everything I've said, take a look at the price. At £24.99, it's probably not even worth a second glance.

So it looks like I'm all out of things to say about Pets Resort 3D. The gameplay's repetitive, the music isn't great, the visuals... surprisingly aren't too bad, except for the pets. Pets Resort 3D takes a Nintendog title, yanks every last molecule of fun out of it, and instead inserts terribly mundane and boring tasks. Even if you're a fan of pets games, you'll likely get bored after a day playing this brain numbing title. + Daniel Godfrey

4/10 - A half baked attempt at creating a game that's as time consuming as Nintendogs was; with added fun and less repetitiveness, Pets Resort 3D could have been a great game. Sadly, it's not, and we advise you not to buy, especially with its ridiculous price.

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