Review: Super Mario World (SNES/Wii U eShop)

It would be fair to say that Mario games come around quite often, and they never fail to dissapoint. A game with Mario in it's name is guaranteed fame, fortune and success. However, when Super Mario World launched in the SNES era, it was an awful lot more.

Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3 have been pit against each other as contenders for the best Mario game ever since the very start. So before we begin, we'll make it very clear which side of the fence we stand on. Super Mario World is not only our favourite Mario game of all time, but a serious contender for the best video game of all time. For us, Super Mario World represents a true sense of perfection and shows the outside world what video games really are.

The premise of Super Mario World really couldn't be simpler. It follows a similar fashion to Mario games both before and after it. As the main protagonist Mario, you explore a luscious landscape known as the Mushroom Kingdom to once again, rescue the ever so foolish Princess Peach.

Until Super Mario World, the graphics and presentation of Mario games often felt a little half-baked. This was most likely due to NES hardware restrictions. Nevertheless, Super Mario World drastically changes this. Nintendo were now able to be alot more generous when it comes to creating the aesthetics for what we'd consider to be the perfect Mario game.

Furthermore, Nintendo were able to present Super Mario World in a much more intuitive manner. With menu and selection screens being alot more common and apparent, whilst the world map has been transformed from a basic selection of pixels, to a blooming full-scale atlas of the terrain that awaits players.

The difficulty level set by Super Mario World really does offer a challenger for both new and experienced players alike. The game is a great representation of where players' skill levels were at, when the game was released over 20 years ago.

Whilst Super Mario World is iconic for a large number of reasons, the most prominent has to be Yoshi. Yes, that's right, Super Mario World sees gamers take control of Yoshi for the very first time. Yoshi joins Mario as a secondary protagonist throughout Super Mario World. The little green dinosaur changes the way you work through the Mushroom Kingdom, popping up for your use every now and again.

In conclusion, there's a standard that we have come to expect from Mario games. However, Super Mario World completely blows that said standard out of the water. Super Mario World is the absolute definition of perfection in terms of Mario games and platformers in general. It's quite difficult to comprehend what Super Mario World was able to squeeze out of the SNES. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

10/10 - Super Mario World is a beautiful mix of great presentation, vibrant aesthetics and the Mario formula that we all know and love.

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