Feature: Does the Xbox One Pose a Threat for Wii U?

The video games industry undeniably runs on competition. When Nintendo announced and released their brand new Wii U, it was inevitable that it would face fierce competition from the likes of Microsoft and Sony in their bid to join the next generation race. In fact, in a live presentation today, Microsoft announced their next major home console, the Xbox One, it seems to have alot to offer, but will it pose a threat for the Wii U?

Microsoft made it very clear in the presentation that their new console will be alot more than just a video games console. Xbox One will be a home media centre and will offer many more forms of media content, which could possibly be alot more than Nintendo's Wii U has to offer.

We're not overly clear on how Microsoft will bring together all this media yet, but they have promised it will be something spectacular. However, perhaps the most worrying perspective for Nintendo is that Microsoft's new console will feature seamless cross platform support. It will hold access to major TV services across the world and will also hold compatibility with award winning services like Skype and Internet Explorer. We fear that Nintendo's native video calling services and internet browser will provide no competition for Microsoft's.

Furthermore, the design of the One is strikingly quite prominent indeed. Our initial thoughts were it was quite similar to the NES, but could it's edgy design attract gamers to it more than the Wii U? It will purely be a matter of personal preference in terms of design, whether gamers head for the straight edged design of the One or the more curved sleek design of the Wii U.

However, it's not all bad news for Nintendo's Wii U. Some current Xbox gamers are destined not to be keen on the direction that Microsoft have taken with their new platform. Many gamers will be looking for a much more pure gaming experience and not the new multimedia device that Microsoft are offering. For that reason, many Xbox gamers are likely to flock to the Wii U, with it's rising third party support.

On top of this, a new generation of consoles will bring about a new generation of games. Many big blockbuster titles will be made with the new Xbox in mind and could possibly be later ported to Nintendo's Wii U.

Also, let us not forget all the unique features that the Wii U has to offer. Nintendo's Wii U still holds one of the most innovative accessories in video games, the Gamepad. On top of this, Microsoft have not mentioned much about their online infrastructure, and it's going to be hard providing much competition for Nintendo Network and the marvelous Miiverse.

In conclusion, it's hard to ignore the fact that the Xbox One is undeniably going to provide a huge amount of competition for the Wii U. However, in some respects, the odds are on the Wii U's side. In this generation, Nintendo are offering up a much more core gaming experience and that could really play on their side. The Wii U is an extremely innovative console, just as the Xbox One is going to be. Does the powerhouse that is the Xbox One have the ability to kill Nintendo's Wii U?

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