Feature: Games We're Playing This Weekend (3/5/13)

At Nintendo Feed we'll be welcoming the sunny (or not so much in most areas of the UK) May Bank Holiday weekend in with a variety of games on our agenda. Here's the second issue in our games we're playing this weekend feature.

Josh Moorcroft-Jones - It's virtual console all the way for me this weekend, as I finally get a chance to boot my Wii U up for the first time in months. After awarding Super Mario World an extremely generous 10/10 in my recent review, I'll be sitting down to tackle that one on (with a little help from restore points). On top of this, I may even download Mario's Super Picross, as I'm quite partial to a bit of Picross.

Heading on to my 3DS now, I'll be sticking with the Virtual Console. Despite having The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening sat on my 3DS for a good year, I have now finally pledged to give it a proper play. Besides, I need to get it completed before the release of Oracle of Ages and Seasons on the Virtual Console, very soon.

Daniel Godfrey - This weekend I'll be playing some more LEGO City Undercover (that's the Wii U version), as I still haven't had much of a chance to play it. I'm probably about 7% of the way through... it's such a huge game! Besides that, I might dive into the Wii U's Virtual Console and play Mario's Super Picross a bit; I can't really tell what's going on because it's Japanese... but it's Picross, so I don't really care. Plus, I'll be writing a review for it in the near future, so I need to play it a little more. I tend to play Virtual Console titles off-screen... because... I'm not really sure, to be honest!

Once again though, it'll probably be a 3DS based weekend, I'm enjoying LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins (I like the LEGO City games) and I'm at least 25% through the game already. You can tell I play 3DS games more than Wii U games! Apart from that though, I'll definitely be trying out Publisher Dream, a DSiWare game that I'll be reviewing shortly. I want to get back into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but I'm not sure I will; the same goes for Animal Crossing: Wild World. I'd like to play Wild World and pay off the final mortgage before New Leaf arrives. I'm almost there, though! And finally, I'll be giving a retro DS title (wow, DS titles can be called retro now?) some love. I managed to pick up Electroplankton from GAME recently, and while you can download them from the DSi Shop, owning the game itself just seems better somehow. Yes, musical plankton. After all, why not?

Scott Everly - This weekend my wife and I are assisting on a construction project for some friends.  So it will largely be a weekend of hard work followed by a hot shower, pizza and buffalo wings and cold beer.  Even though it is a lot of effort it is so much fun to start on a a large scale demolition of a building on Thursday and have it ready for final inspection on Monday morning.  We may take our favorite card game “Dominion” and play with our host family some in the evening.  If we finish early up and I have time on Sunday...I’m happy to report that I recent made G-Rank in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and finally have a complete G-Rank armor set (Jaggi X with Negative Stun and Attack L gemmed in)  I now have access to all of the materials I need to make my Gathering, Capturing, and High Value Target sets.  But there is a lot of material on that shopping list so it will be taking some time.

Josh asked me if I would review the new Challenge App for Rayman and I played with it a bit, but not enough yet.  I’ll be honest here, I downloaded and started it with the mindset that I didn’t want to like it.  I didn’t like what Ubisoft did and so I was sort of hoping the Nintendo crowd would ignore them just as they have done to us so many times.  In the little bit I played I found myself running the daily challenge course over and over to better my score and try to catch one of my friends that was slightly ahead of me.  I’ll safe the rest for my review but I am enjoying it.

Thomas Heath - The weekend is almost here and if anything I will definitely be doing some gaming. Maybe not always on my lovely collection of Nintendo consoles but I will certainly fit a bit of Ninty-ing into my weekend. First up, it's Luigi's Mansion 2 again and I STILL haven't passed the 'Quiet Please!' mission (I rage quited after about 3 hours of sucking at anything I could find) and I will most likely look for a walkthrough online. Although this game is amazing I can't help but play it without shouting 'flamin' Nora, how am I supposed to do this?'

Even with all these brand spanking new titles out I might revert to a bit of retro gaming, Pokemon Red to be exact. A few years back when I was absolutely obsessed with Pokemon (and still was when I signed up to write for Nintendo Fans Online, i.e the lovely Nintendo Feed as it's known as today) I found a Game Boy Pocket on eBay and got an account just to buy it and won the auction by just 1 penny at the last second. I then bought Pokemon Red and was hooked, so it won't do me any harm to play a bit more of it and keep destroying Blue with my army of Missingnos.

Bailey Walker - This weekend the shrink- wrap will finally be coming off my bargin find of Shinobi (which can still be purchased for £5 from UK retailer GAME) after pledging completion of all of my many 3DS games. I will also be purchasing the 3DS Virtual Console version of fast-paced puzzle game Mario and Yoshi as I currently own the Gameboy version and love it! Luigi's Mansion 2 will also be sneaking into my busy schedule as I attempt to track down all of the missing hidden gems to make my way to absolute completion.

Well, we have a big weekend of gaming ahead. But what about you? We're sure you're very busy squeezing some gaming into this Bank Holiday Weekend! Let us know what you're playing in the comments below...

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