Feature: Is Metroid too Difficult for Modern Gamers?

"y cant metroid crawl?" - A Miiverse post from a bedraggled Wii U owner after playing the initial stages of Super Metroid on the Wii U Virtual Console. This statement and many others like it, demonstrate the true extent of how many modern gamers are struggling to make stable foot-way into the fantastic but punishingly difficult adventure that is Super Metroid. For that reason, is Metroid too difficult for modern gamers?

We're not going lie here and pretend that we can ace Super Metroid in one go, because, let's be honest, who actually can? Super Metroid is without a doubt excruciatingly difficult, but perhaps, that's exactly why we love it so much?

Since the game went live on Nintendo's Wii U eShop on Thursday, a flurry of perhaps newer and younger gamers have taken to Super Metroid's Miiverse community to seek help, as spotted by a NeoGAF forum member. There's no hand holding in Super Metroid, you're left to figure everything out for yourself and many gamers soon realised that, as they screenshotted their problems and shared them with the world.

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After fury takes over, alot of gamers found it only natural to start looking for reasons why they could not complete a certain task, with one gamer suggesting that a glitch was preventing their progress.

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However, perhaps the most iconic issue one gamer exclaimed was this; "y cant metroid crawl", as this particular gamer found it extremely difficult to get to grips with the crawling mechanism that is present in this title, a school boy error?

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For gamers new to the series, it's quite understandable for there to be a somewhat large amount of confusion in the general prospect of this title. Super Metroid is an unbelievably difficult game that can even put seasoned gamers' abilities to the test. However, do these gamers know too little about such a classic video game to even be classified as gamers?

It all boils down to an extremely familiar question, have video games become far too easy? Child of the 80s or 90s? You'll surely remember how the video games of your era would leave you infuriated. However, the rise of casual and family gaming, has changed the appeal of most video games. A much easier game is surely much more appealing to a larger audience and will most probably sell better.

For that reason, developers are scaling down the difficulty level in video games, leaving the gamers of today lacking substantial knowledge of such a high difficulty level.

In conclusion, Super Metroid is undeniably a classic title, however, it shows us how video games have changed drastically. Extreme difficulty is no longer a selling point, as it was in the 80s and 90s. Do you think Super Metroid is far too difficult for modern gamers? Do you think that the change in the level of difficulty in video games is a good thing? Voice your opinions below...

Look out for our Wii U Virtual Console review of Super Metroid will be available on the site very soon, where we put this classic through it's paces.

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