Interview: CollegeHumor (BearShark)

CollegeHumor are well known for humoring college students and everyday people alike on the internet. However, BearShark sees their big break into the world of Video Games, following on from the series' popular broadcasting on Nintendo Video. We sat down with CollegeHumor to talk some more about their new endless-runner title.

Nintendo Feed: Hello CollegeHumor, thankyou very much for joining us today! You may not need much of an introduction, but could you briefly tell our readers who you are?

CollegeHumor: We are Kevin Corrigan and Caldwell Tanner. We write for Caldwell is the Editorial Illustrator. We created the original BearShark comic strip, that was later expanded to an animated series for the 3DS.

Nintendo Feed: You've just launched BearShark on the 3DS eShop, we understand this originates from a popular animation series. Could you tell us a little more about this animation series and your new game?

CollegeHumor: BearShark is our take on the old Road Runner cartoons. Each episode features Bear and Shark chasing the hapless Steve. The difference, is that Bear and Shark always win at the end. The BearShark game is an infinite runner. Your goal is to evade Bear and Shark as long as you can until you get eaten or you, the player, succumbs to old age.

Nintendo Feed: There's already quite a variety of endless runners available on the eShop, however, what will make Bearshark new and appealing?

CollegeHumor: What sets BearShark apart from the competition is that their are land and sea sections, each with their own style of gameplay. Also, the game features our distinct brand of humor and animation, and there's a shark riding a bicycle in it. So there.

Nintendo Feed: Do you intend to include any form of multiplayer in BearShark, be it online or local? Or even leaderboard funtionality?

CollegeHumor: We'd love to add a global leaderboard and other features, but right now don't have specific plans.

WNintendo Feed: hy did you choose a Nintendo platform to release your big gaming break? Why not the ever-expanding smartphone market, or do you have personal connections with Nintendo?

CollegeHumor: The BearShark series has always exclusively premiered on the 3DS. We have a great relationship with Nintendo, and that's where our audience is so it was a natural fit.

Nintendo Feed: Do you see BearShark making it's way to Nintendo Wii U any time soon? Is that an area that you'd like to explore more?

CollegeHumor: We'd love to expand to the Wii U. We'll have to wait and see.

Nintendo Feed: Being a relatively small developer, how would you describe your dealings with Nintendo thus far?

CollegeHumor: Nintendo has been great. They've been very supportive of us from the very beginning. BearShark the cartoon wouldn't exist without Nintendo, nor would another series we created, Dinosaur Office.

Nintendo Feed: Once BearShark has seen a release, what's next for CollegeHumour in the world of video games? Will you look at converting any more of your series into games, or even bringing out some new titles?

CollegeHumor: We don't have any concrete plans yet, but we love videogames. We'd love to explore the medium more. It's exciting to see the characters you've created turn into something you can play.

Nintendo Feed: Thanks a lot for joining us CollegeHumour! We look forward to seeing the release of BearShark and any future titles. We'll catch up soon...

CollegeHumor: Thanks. Have a great summer!

BearkShark is available right now on the North American 3DS eShop. There's no word of a European release as of yet, however, we'll be sure to keep you posted! If you have any questions for CollegeHumor, leave them below and we'll fire them over...

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