News: Online Miiverse App Receives Upgrade

Tom of Nintendo's Miiverse Announcement community has made aware that the online app has been updated with many more functions, bringing it closer to the home console equivalent.

The popular community inside Nintendo's Wii U, made its way to web browsers back in April, as was promised to happen eventually. Initially, a valid Nintendo Network ID was required, and was limited to viewing posts only. Functions such as posting and profile management weren't quite ready, but that day has finally come along.

In addition to adding the ability to post comments, you now have access to modify your profile, delete any past comments, display your friends list, and configure your Miiverse settings. To improve sharing, the ID requirement has been dropped, which will allow you to send posts to friends without logging in. Even someone without an ID can now experience Miiverse firsthand. Along with these improvements to the web-based app, the wait time for posts was decreased from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

What do you think of Miiverse? Have you checked out the web version yet?

Source: Nintendo Life/Miiverse

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