New Leaf Journal: Greenly (26/6/13)

This week got off to a rather strange start, with an online visit to some friends in another town. I entered the house to find a bed made for three people, before for some reason jumping in. From that very day, I saw life in Animal Crossing: New Leaf very differently, let me talk you through this very busy week.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a huge amount of time to dedicate to New Leaf this week because of other commitments. Fortunately though, I'm off on holiday next week and guess what game will be my companion?

Anyway, I'll start with my store renovation, it was nice to see Super T&T open up on the high street early this week. I personally never fail to get excited about a store renovation, come on, who doesn't? It's always brilliant to get a huge new range of stock in your store and also, I am now only one step off the illusive T&T Emporium.

Talking of expansions, I finally found the time and bells to upgrade my house, and great news! I now have a second floor and more importantly, a place to keep all my precious Nintendo related fortune cookie goodies. It's not cramped, it's purely cosy.

I can't say a huge amount more happened this week really, other than fitting in a small amount of time to jump online with friends and enjoy some quality evening music in Club LOL. This was before the week ended with Sparro moving in and the big Summer Solstice down at the Plaza, I got some awesome new shades from that by the way.

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