News: Nintendo Feed Launches Animal Crossing Month

Here at Nintendo Feed we absolutely adore all things Animal Crossing (some would go further than adore), so we're obviously super excited for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. To celebrate, we're launching June as our content packed Animal Crossing month.

We're got a huge amount of content lined up for you this upcoming month and we're super excited to share our love for the series with you. Alongside our big review of New Leaf, we'll also have weekly journals of the game from Josh, Daniel and Bailey and they will all kick off on the 4th June.

On top of this, Andrew will be bringing you a daily video journal of his adventures in Animal Crossing Population Growing, and that will be able to watch on our Youtube channel, aswell as the site every day this month. On top of all these Journals, we'll also have a wealth of other Animal Crossing related content, including looks back at previous games in the series and also opinion pieces about the series.

Furthermore, we'll be spreading the month out with loads of Animal Crossing discussion in our June podcast. However, we want you to get involved! Join the big Animal Crossing Discussion throughout this month on Nintendo Feed...

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