News: Share Your New Leaf Designs with QRCrossing

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now available in North America and launches this Friday in Europe. An exciting new feature in the game is the ability to share custom designs through QR codes. QR Crossing is a brand new website that allows you to upload your QR codes and share your designs with other users.

We'd really recommend that you head over to QR Crossing and give it a go. There's already a whole host of great designs on there and you can easily add your own to the inventory and contribute to a drastically expanding collection. The site also plays home to a variety of other features like a Melody Creator, Signature Creator and Town Name generator.

This is an exciting and innovative new service that you should really give a try. Be sure to also give our New Leaf review a read and share your designs below...

Source: QRCrossing

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