Feature: Games We're Playing This Weekend (5/7/13)

It's the first weekend in July, which for us, is the perfect excuse to get some quality gaming in. Anyway, without further a do, let's get stuck in and take a look at what games the Nintendo Feed team is playing on this beautiful July weekend.

Josh Moorcroft-Jones - What game am I playing this weekend? Isn't that a bit of a stupid question! Well, the truth is, I won't really be playing any games this weekend, I'll be playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. To me, Animal Crossing is no longer a game, it's a way of life. It may be nearly 2 months since I started playing this one, but it still feels like I've made little progress, so I'll be jumping back in and continuing my adventure.

If I manage to tear myself away from my 3DS for a short while, I'll make my way down to my local GAME store and pick up a copy of Game & Wario, which I surprisingly haven't had chance to play yet. I love all things WarioWare, so I am actually pretty pumped about this one.

Daniel Godfrey - Let me think about this one for a brief moment... okay, done. I think it's clear already which game I'll be playing this weekend; Animal Crossing: New Leaf. There's just a ridiculous amount to do in this infinitely long game. Just like Josh said, Animal Crossing is a way of life. I played Wild World for pretty much eight years, so expect to see New Leaf in my 'Games We're Playing This Weekend' section for a long time to come.

Other than New Leaf (there are other games?), I've recently been replaying Super Mario 64 DS. It's a perfect game (well, Waluigi isn't in it, so maybe not perfect) and I really enjoy it. Even after collecting 150 stars, I still enjoy the game by attempting to break it through glitches. Did I ever mention I love finding glitches in games? It's pretty fun! I've also been playing some Professor Layton and the Curious Village, as well as WarioWare: D.I.Y. Don't ask me how I fit it all in. I don't... I don't know...

Scott Everly -  Ok, brace yourselves everyone.  I think a weekend may go by that I won't load up Monster Hunter.  I think I have gotten all that I can out of the game and it is time for me to move on to other.......phffff I couldn't even get through that sentence.  Seriously though, I actually haven't been able to get on much recently and I would like to start collecting items for the Rath Sol set.

With the announcement that Star Wars Pinball will be released next week I will also be working on some pinball skills with the Classic Pack and I may go ahead and treat myself to the Plants vs. Zombies table or the Civil War table, not sure which.  Maybe both, I've been a good boy lately.

Justin Prouty - I've got a full plate ahead for my weekend as it's filled with some challenging games and exciting new experiences! I've been dipping into New Super Luigi U as much as I can, and I'll keep trucking through over the weekend. I'm up to 5 continues at the moment! Some of the levels are so brutal to even complete, then there's the Star Coins I still have to go back for... I'm definitely having a great time though, and hopefully by Monday I'll have reached the final castle!

I grabbed Super Punch Out and Donkey Kong for free on Club Nintendo, and I'm having a blast with those. As much as I do like the original Punch Out, this one feels challenging even when you know their weaknesses. Donkey Kong blew my mind when I did a backflip up to the girder above me. I had no idea the Game Boy version was any different, and now there's a world map, too? I'm sold! It's also very Mario vs. Donkey Kong I've begun to notice.

Of course, in between all of this, I'll continue my Animal Crossing life. If anyone wants to visit my town over the weekend just let me know!

Bryan King - I've been absolutely swamped as of recently with family, college, and work, so my time here on the site and in general has been extremely limited as of late. With that said, I'm looking at finally being able to invest substantial time into Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I've been neglecting my townsfolk a fair deal since the game launched, and it’s time to clean make up for lost time. I also plan on playing a bit of my new acquisition, Project X Zone, as the prospect of Mega Man X teaming up with Jin Kazama from Tekken to fight baddies on a stage pulled from Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts is the stuff of my dreams. I won’t commit to it, but I will do my best to get some more time in with Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate for Wii U. I’m still fairly early on in the single-player portion (after having the game for months), and hopefully I can finally start upgrading my equipment a bit and taking on some higher level quests.

Well, it truly is a busy weekend ahead for us lot, but we're sure you've got lots of games to be playing as well. So, why not let us know what you're playing this weekend? You can tell us below, or voice it off in our brand new forum...

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